Weight Loss Success Stories

Here’s our list of weight loss success stories. There are a lot out of these stories out there, and some of them are actually true. Read between the lines and take everything with a grain of salt. Many stories are hyped up versions of the real deal: hard work on the part of the person… [Continue Reading]


Diet Plans

There are so many diet plans around, it’s hard to pinpoint which diet really works! We go by the thought that some diets work for other people, and some are simply not meant for a specific lifestyle. There’s also the fact that habits interfere with the diet plan on a normal basis. For instance, if… [Continue Reading]


Weight Loss Programs

It’s easy to get disillusioned by the things that negative people, even close friends, tell you. If you’re overweight and you’ve been trying different diets (sometimes simultaneously), you may be losing your steam and finding ways to cope with your ever-increasing weight. Here’s the thing; there are many people that have been losing weight and… [Continue Reading]