1500 calorie diet

The 1500 calorie diet is good for you if you’re transitioning between unhealthy and healthy eating. Because the 1500 calorie limit is big enough for you to add a wide range of dishes and foods, aim for a balanced diet comprising fats, proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. This diet plan can be your first step towards achieving your goal weight. In fact, you can check with a weight loss calculator and find out that this diet plan may suffice as far as your weight loss goals are concerned.

Here are the components of a 1500 calorie diet plan.

For breakfast, consume half a cup of wheat meal, a cup and a half of skimmed milk, plus half a cup strawberries for your fruit. This breakfast is obviously not enough to last you until lunch, which is why you should add a mid-morning snack comprising scrambled eggs made out of one whole egg and the whites of 4 eggs. Half a grapefruit can be added to the snack.

For lunch, you can eat half a cup of rice plus ten grams of chicken breast (no skin). Add around 80 g of beans. If possible, get red or brown rice instead of white rice. After lunch snack is heavier, with 150 g of salmon or tuna, one cup of blanched broccoli and 150 g of yam.

Have 110 g of chicken lean meat plus three table spoons of salad dressing for dinner. Add a cup or two of mixed green salad. Ensure that you eat dinner two hours before bed time.

Alternatively, here is another diet plan for those that want to add variations to their week.

Have one tablespoon of peanut butter on whole wheat bread for a quick breakfast. A heavier version can be eaten as a mid-morning snack comprising a small bowl of low fat yoghurt. Top the yoghurt with linseeds or flaxseeds for flavour.

For lunch, have two cups of blanched or steamed vegetables together with a mixed salad including olives. Eat the lean part of a fish (grilled) along with a few tablespoons of vinegar. Before dinner snacks will have you eating a small apple and another tablespoon of peanut butter. Thinly slice a turkey breast and have two slices for dinner. Get a salad made of spinach or lettuce, and have two cups. The real treat for dinner includes two hard boiled eggs plus half a tomato.

The 1500 calorie diet is not the end all as far as diet plans go. But it can be a good start for dieters that find it difficult to go on a crash diet haphazardly. A few weeks on the 1500 calorie diet will get you prepped up for a good detox cleanse or a more stringent diet plan.