ABC Diet

First, let’s clear some misconceptions. The ABC diet is not related with the alphabet. It doesn’t have anything to do with eating foodstuff containing vitamins A, B and C. ABC stands for Ana Boot Camp Diet, and it is probably the most radical diet one can try. Why? Here are some of the main reasons why some people can’t handle this diet, and why many experts are alarmed that there are more people trying it than we know:

- It lasts for 50 days, which is longer than the duration of other already-controversial diets like the liquid cleanse, raw food and HCG. Being hungry on the cellular level for this long can irreversibly damage normal body function. The cells of the body may not be receiving the proper amount of nutrients to continue functioning.

- On some days, the dieter is required to eat only a maximum of 200 calories. Another diet plan that came close to giving experts heartburns is the HCG diet, which required a person to eat a maximum of 500 calories. The 200-calorie diet is dangerous, and even more so when a person is doing exercises. The calorie deficit created is unrealistically high, which means a person may not even have enough energy to do the most basic exercises.

- It is the diet that is commonly known to be pro-anorexia. Anorexia is both psychological and physical in nature, and it could target the teenagers more than the adults. Many deaths have been linked to this disease.

- On some days, the dieter is required to fast. An already starving body needs to salvage whatever it can to sustain itself. Depriving a person of food for twenty-four hours when he or she has already been on starvation mode for so long could be damaging.

Every diet plan out there has a potential flaw that could rile up nutritionists. However, some diets are being tolerated because people are still apparently able to get nutrients from the required food items in the diet program. But ABC diet is different because there are so many demands on the body, resulting in side effects like fatigue and drowsiness during the day.

There are some people that push through. In fact, many are saying that the diet is completely safe. Some supporters of this diet claim that strict monitoring of food intake and quality can possibly make the person less eager to eat. There are recipes developed for those under this kind of diet. But still, many experts claim that the damage caused by the ABC diet could be more psychological in nature than physical. A person that has to stay on a starvation diet for so long, while thinking all the while of his or her ‘thinspirations’, could result in insanity or even paranoia.