Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet has been around for a while, and it goes by other names like alkaline acid diet and acid alkaline diet. In a nutshell, this diet comprises fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, roots, tubers, nuts and legumes. The diet claims to be more friendly to the body, which has a slightly alkaline constitution. Blood, after all, is alkaline with a normal pH level of below 8 and more than 7. It is said that the diets that we keep now are high in acid, which disturbs the balance in our bodies. Too much acidity can lead to the loss of nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. When the body tries to brings back the alkalinity, what results is sickness.

The alkaline diet can be very confusing, especially when you examine the list of what the diet categorizes as ‘alkalizing food’. You will notice that many of the food groups naturally contain acid, like citrus fruits. Citrus fruits, while they contain acid, can have elements that contribute to the body’s alkalinity. Therefore, we can only deduce that the food’s natural acidity is different from how it reacts when it gets assimilated inside the human body.
Meat, on the other hand, is considered acidifying because of the way it breaks down and contributes to acid production inside the body. Almost all animal products, including processed meat, can lead to an enormous amount of acid formation inside the body. Thus, many practitioners of this diet recommend eating less meat and more fruits on a daily basis.

Those that are just starting with the alkaline diet find it difficult to refrain from eating meat and substituting with other ingredients. But, with enough diet supplies shops around, you can find almonds, chestnuts, fermented tofu and the ever-present whey protein powder easily.

One important thing that you need to understand about this diet is that it doesn’t require you to eat only the things in the alkaline category. In fact, it’s not a balanced meal if there is no acidifying component in your diet. However, because of the notion that acidity can lead to more infection, it is recommended that you eat more alkalizing food than acidifying food.

How about exercise? Does exercise have any effect on your alkalinity? Exercise is a special case because it can create acid inside the body. Therefore, people that exercise regularly must balance out the acid that physical activity creates by eating more alkalinizing food on a regular basis. Each diet plan has unique characteristics, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle best. If you can handle the demands of the alkaline diet, then this could be the diet that can help you shed the fats.