Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

A diet plan that does not require much effort in terms of controlling your daily food portions is available. But there is a catch. You should have a lot of apple cider vinegar around. This type of vinegar is different from the white one that is more common in homes. Apple cider vinegar is considered a specialty brew, but is available in many stores.

What does apple cider vinegar weight loss entail? You will have to drink a few tablespoonfuls of the apple cider vinegar before meals. This habit, coupled with not over eating, can make you lose weight. Some users have claimed that this diet made them lose around 20 pounds over a few months, which is a lot. Moreover, there are no special food items to purchase. Just eat the way you do and see the pounds drop off. However, if you make an effort to eat less every meal, the boosting effects of apple cider vinegar weight loss can be greater.

Because of the popularity of this diet, there are supplements containing apple cider vinegar being sold in health stores. This may be a better alternative compared to pure baking soda because the dosage is more specific and you don’t have to worry about figuring out how much vinegar to consume before meals.

Some people that try this are surprised at the unintended effects of apple cider vinegar, both positive and negative. While apple cider vinegar makes a person feel less likely to overeat, the acid in the vinegar can make the stomach feel unstable. The instability in the tummy could lead to loose bowel movement in some people, while others complain of a day-long tummy ache. Some people have found a solution for this. They add a pinch of baking soda. Eating uncooked baking soda comes with its set of risks, but just a pinch will help add alkalinity to the vinegar, and the side effects are minimized.

Drinking too much apple cider vinegar can make your throat feel raw. Acid is corrosive, which is why you have to take only a tablespoon or two. Also, if you feel that the meal includes enough acid already, you can forgo the apple cider vinegar for that particular meal. Some diet plans include apple cider vinegar in diet supplement form, which means you don’t have to make your own concoction and simply take the recommended drink every after meals.

Apple cider vinegar comprises trace elements like potassium, sodium, magnesium and iron. Moreover, it contains pectin, which helps with lowering blood cholesterol and improving digestion. Pectin also strengthens your blood vessels and therefore helps prevent heart and circulatory diseases.