Baby Food Diet

Figure-conscious Mothers have to buy double whenever they go shopping for baby food. Why? The current fad in Hollywood nowadays is to eat the same food that you would feed your baby to lose weight. This sounds silly to some, but many Hollywood A-listers are trying the baby food diet because of the claims that it works beautifully to keep the body well-toned. If you’re wondering which celebrities have already tried this diet, we can list a few. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and several of the Desperate Housewives stars have allegedly been snacking on baby food to ease cravings.

With the baby food diet, you can lose weight without doing much. You just have to eat the same food that babies all over the world eat on a daily basis. Come to think of it, everything that you would feed your baby is healthy and free of preservatives. They don’t eat much sugar because their taste buds are still very new and too much salt or sugar isn’t needed for their food to taste good to them.

Personally, I think the baby food diet works as a supplementary diet to a major diet program. The best way to use it is to curb cravings. The portions are small enough. Just think of the sizes of the baby food items in the grocery shelf. One of these would suffice as a snack whenever you’re hungry or have the craving to eat sweet things.

You will need a blender and several baskets of seedless fruits. You can also incorporate vegetables, like peas that you can puree. Baby food does not contain additives, which means it’s generally bland. But the lack of flavour is something you can live with considering the whole concoction is full of vitamins. Most baby food items are made of organic fruits and vegetables, boiled and mashed to yield several tablespoons of sauce-like food. Some diet food companies also deliver if you cannot get hold of diet baby food on a daily basis.

For some, this diet works. Others, though, find the portions too small to satisfy their cravings. Moreover, some baby food companies make the mixtures look like ice cream, which could trigger another type of craving for sweets. You don’t have to chew this food, which could also mean your craving to chew something solid is not satisfied. In fact, if you’ve always been snacking on crispies, baby food may seem completely unsatisfying and you will binge easily when ‘real’ food is placed in front of you.

The rules of the baby food diet are simple. You can eat one ‘adult’ meal a day and replace all other meals with baby food, or you can eat solely mashed food in one day. Do this for as long as you can stand it, or do it simultaneously with another diet program. Many people that cannot exercise regularly stick to this diet because you are forced to expend more calories than you consume. In short, you are bound to get thin without much exercise.


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