Caveman Diet

The caveman diet is one of the more popular diet plans regardless of its strict nature. Why is this diet program so popular? The diet involves eating unprocessed foods and natural elements that cavemen of old used to eat. Moreover, so many people are getting thin using this diet, with apparently no effort at all, except to avoid the restricted foods. There are certain common food groups that are restricted, but some are allowed and recommended in abundance.

The concept of the caveman diet is simple enough: don’t eat food that your earliest predecessors wouldn’t. What exactly the cavemen of ancient times ate is beyond us, but many experts on the caveman diet have written guides on which foods are allowed and which ones are not.

Avoiding refined sugars is a no-brainer, as most true diet plans abide by this. Many diet plans advice against consumption of white sugar, but the caveman diet or the Paleo diet as it is more widely known is a lot more restrictive. The diet recommends only using honey or pure maple syrup. The logic behind this is that white sugar would never have existed in prehistoric times. Only honey and maple syrup would have been the main sweetener of cavemen.

Grains are not permitted, unless they’re of the wild variety. Some modifications of the caveman diet have allowed some grain types to be included. Corn may be a part of the Paleo diet you encounter, but not all versions will include corn. Starch from potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams are largely prohibited. Some say beets should be included in the diet, while legumes should be excluded. Many of the restricted items in the Paleo diet list cannot be consumed without cooking.

Dairy products are a no-no because early people supposedly did not eat dairy. Animals roamed free at that time, and they were not domesticated. Some authors, however, have allowed the consumption of dairy from grass-fed animals.

Under the caveman diet rules, you cannot eat processed meats, especially the canned or frozen ones with nitrites and additives. Lean meat is good, especially that taken from wild animals like boars, deer, duck and geese. Oils from vegetables like olives are allowed, but corn oil, cottonseed oil and peanut oils are not.

Moderate salt intake is allowed, although many sources recommend using only the natural saltiness in the ingredients. Drinking plenty of water, coconut water and organic green tea is a major part of the Paleo diet.

All these sacrifices for the modern man could pay off because of the lower risk of cardiovascular ailments, and moderated blood pressure. Even without the aid of a weight loss calculator, you know that the elements in this diet are friendly to your weight loss efforts. Needless to say, the Paleo diet is a lifestyle choice that could keep the weight away and keep you in good health.


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