Cleansing Diet

A cleansing diet is one of the riskier things you can do to lose weight. While it’s supposed to be a short-term plan, many people find it difficult to keep it up for the recommended duration. Often, the 3-day to 21-day cleansing proves unbearable to some because of the restrictive nature of the meal plan. But some are actually doing it and claim to be happier and healthier because of it. Curious about the cleansing diet? Read on…

Removing toxins from the colon area is one of the reasons why people go for cleansing. Toxins add to the stress in the digestive tract, making it harder for the body to concentrate on other more important things. If the toxins can be removed, it is said that nutrients can be assimilated faster and easier. Cleansing is one of the things that dieters do before they start any other diet.

Detoxifying the colon is a form of self-help dieting, with the end goal focused around optimal nutrition and clearer mind. Energy levels are also said to increase after the cleansing.

Before trying it out yourself, always remember that you may not be a good candidate for a detox diet. First of all, you may not need it. Some people have higher toxicity in their system because of their lifestyle, environment and eating habits. Others are less able to benefit from a detox diet because they have been eating healthy food for a long time and going on a cleansing diet will not change their body’s digestive function greatly.

Some symptoms of toxicity may be exhaustion and low blood pressure. If in doubt, always ask your doctor and nutritionist about what a cleansing diet can do for you. Also, your ‘toxicity symptoms’ may be related with a pre-existing condition like anemia, diabetes or kidney disease. In such cases, a cleansing diet may do more harm than good.

Foods that naturally cleanse the body are fiber-rich foods like leafy vegetables. But eating these types of food may not be enough. Some cleansing diets require liquid and lots of it.

The Master Cleanse diet is one of the more popular ones, and it also goes by the name ‘lemonade diet’, which was allegedly used by Beyonce Knowles to get her figure back. The key to the lemonade diet is following a recipe for a lemonade drink that you need to consume during the duration of the diet (10 days). Fruit and vegetable juice fasting is another type of cleansing diet. You’ll need a blender for this and a pantry full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Beet juice and wheatgrass juice are just some of the things you can drink under this diet plan. There are also commercial powders being sold for juice fast diets.