Diet Plans

There are so many diet plans around, it’s hard to pinpoint which diet really works! We go by the thought that some diets work for other people, and some are simply not meant for a specific lifestyle. There’s also the fact that habits interfere with the diet plan on a normal basis. For instance, if you’re used to having more than one bag of bagels for breakfast, eating only a fruit and a smoothie could throw you off.

If you’re like most people, you probably look for celebrity endorsements or friendly endorsements from people who have turned their life around using a diet program. There are a lot of those, too, which adds to the confusion.

To make understanding diet plans as simple as possible, you only need to know two things that distinguish each and every diet program out there: the duration of the diet, and the food type involved. A good diet plan will have a set duration, at the end of which you can expect a better body and a more active lifestyle. Some diets last for a year, while some go on forever, and yet some others claim to give you the results you want in just a few weeks!

The diet’s duration, in a sense, depends on what you have to do. More specifically, the duration depends on what you have to eat. Diet foods differ in many ways. Some plans recommend specific types of food, most of which you can buy from a specific company, usually the same developer of that particular diet. Some diet plans revolve around food you can access in your local grocery. Restrictive eating is a component in almost every diet plan out there.

Here are some of the world’s most popular diet plans.

- 17 Day Diet
- 3 Day Diet
- Cabbage Soup Diet
- Cleanse Diet
- Dash Diet
- Detox Diet
- Dukan Diet
- Keto Diet
- Lemonade Diet
- Liquid Diet
- Mediterranean Diet
- Raw Food Diet
- Sacred Heart Diet
- HCG Diet
- Paleo Diet

Do some of these diet plans involve crash dieting? The answer depends on how you would define a crash diet. Many people believe they can lose weight in time for an event and so they try the diet plan that would give them the quickest results. But many health experts still recommend sticking to a diet plan rather than going on a diet that could lead to physiological failure, or worse, mental problems.

Diets developed by experts are similar in that they are backed by principles that would keep your body from illness because the nutrients necessary for daily living are still accessible, albeit in more reduced amounts.