17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet seems to be the quickest way to lose weight. The first time I heard this, I thought ‘hey, are they saying I could lose weight in 17 days?’ If this is your first time hearing about this diet, let me tell you something: the 17 Day Diet is not a half-month diet program as its name initially implies. So what is it? Here is a short review of the 17 Day Diet, including the good and the bad.

Dr. Mike Moreno created this diet program and appeared on several television shows to promote it. The reference that he uses to propagate his diet plan is a physical book, and his claim is that the plan will reduce belly fat and keep the visceral fat away. Indeed, this kind of promotion got the ball rolling for him. People are fascinated by the concept, especially when some others started showing results.

The 17 Day Diet Plan actually comprises several phases, with days 1 to 17 being the first phase. You may lose some weight during seventeen days, which tells you that your assumption of losing weight after 17 days is not entirely a misunderstanding. But the plan goes beyond the initial phase.

The term 17 Day Diet may have been coined because the most important elements of this diet plan are in the first phase. Days 1 – 17 are collectively called the “Accelerate” phase, during which the person sticks to a low-carb diet, consuming only 1200 calories every day.

For the first 17 days, the person can eat as much lean meat as he can, as long as he stops eating starchy foodstuff altogether. Even the vegetables he consumes should contain no starch. Expect days of eating only plain yogurts and two pieces of fruits that are low in sugar content. You are allowed to consume vegetable oil and green tea in small amounts. You must also consume 64 ounces of water every single day during the initial phase. The low carb diet plan for the initial phase will lead to rapid fat burning and loss of fluid.

The days after the first phase (from day 18 to day 34) are more forgiving in terms of the things you can consume. This phase is appropriately called “Activate”, and is characterized by cycling the calorie intake to keep the metabolism from slowing. Whole grain food is added to the initial diet so that the calorie taken daily will rise up to 1500. This phase of the 17 Day Diet reminds me of Diet Solution.

The next days, from day 35 to 51, are set up so that the person can develop the most ideal eating habits for maintenance. The person can no longer expect to eat an unlimited amount of lean meat. He also needs to add more grains and fruits, and eating snacks.

After the last phase, you’re on your own. The lessons you learned through the diet should allow you to eat the habitual fare you’ve consumed since day 1. In a sense, the 17 Day Diet has become a habit you can do during the weekdays. But, now you can have the weekends to eat any type of food you want without worrying about gaining weight again.

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