Cleanse Diet

Cleansing diets have been cropping up everywhere, and somehow there’s a juice recipe around just when you want to try this type of diet. There are many variations, and the most popular of these is the master cleanse diet. Why is this cleanse diet popular? Apparently, there are celebrities that tout its effectiveness for losing weight drastically. Cleanse diets are also called detox, which implies that the main strategy for losing weight is through frequent bowel movement. Right now, many nutritionists have categorized cleanse diets as crash diets because of the drastic loss of weight.

The claim:

Quickly shed pounds and clean your system in the process. Temporary weight loss is guaranteed by drinking only the prepared solution and taking supplements that go with the diet plan.

The method:

Drink a juice recipe instead of eating solid food for a few days to a week. Expect to move your bowels more frequently during the detox period. By drinking the required solution (or juice), you can flush fat away.

For the master cleanse diet, a modified lemon juice is prepared. Laxatives must also be used in the form of tea; one in the morning and then another in the evening. At least six to twelve glasses of the lemonade solution is consumed during the day. The lemonade recipe comprises purified water fresh lemon juice, maple syrup (organic) and cayenne pepper. If you’re wondering what the cayenne pepper is for, the pepper bits are supposed to improve weight loss pace. If the dieter cannot take the cayenne pepper especially since the drink is taken on an empty stomach, there are cayenne herbal tablets or supplements available. The person should stick to this regimen for at least ten days without fail.

The catch:

When we say temporary weight loss, we mean short-term weight loss. Most of the ‘great results’ that the weighing scale shows have a lot to do with the amount of water you are losing. As soon as you resume normal eating, the weight will come back.

The extremely low calorie diet can also be detrimental since you could be losing muscle mass instead of fats. Your body is starving, so it’s conserving the fat deposits (so that you’ll live longer) and may be sacrificing the muscle tissues instead.

Scientific evidence for the efficacy of detox diets is non-existent. Moreover, you may be depriving your body of the needed nutrients, which can only be obtained from the solid food that you’ve been avoiding. Supplements can only give you so much nutrients. There’s no substitute for nutritious food taken in moderation.

The truth about this kind of diet goes beyond the physical dangers. Besides physical risks, there may also be psychological risks. When you get used to a lifestyle wherein you are forced to use the restroom every few minutes, it’s difficult to function normally after you’re done with the diet. You may have to quit work several times just because you can’t leave the bathroom at home.

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