Dukan Diet

Dr. Dukan, a French nutritionist, developed a diet that proved to be popular because of various celebrity endorsements. When a curvaceous diva like Jennifer Lopez, a supermodel (Gisele Bundchen) and other celebrities start telling people that this is a specific diet plan that worked for them, the diet plan will surely become popular. This is exactly what happened for Dr. Dukan’s diet plan. Celebrities endorsed it and the public loved it.

The principle behind the diet is quite simple: protein is good for losing weight, and carbs and fats are detrimental. Proteins are said to break down slower compared to carbs. They metabolise slower inside the body and could provide more energy for your daily needs. This means that a protein diet can help you curb the hunger pangs better. Protein, especially that from lean meat, is said to lead to a calorie deficit without making you hungry. By eliminating carbohydrates in normal diet initially, the body can assimilate protein better and thus lead to faster weight loss.

The claim:

The amount of weight a person can to lose under this diet plan depends on the number of days you allot for the phase. If you keep up the first phase for close to a week, you can lose up to seven to ten pounds. The amount of weight you shed is reduced if you shorten the first phase to one or two days. At the end of the diet regime, you can expect to lose 2 pounds a week if you stick to the recommended menus.

The method:

The Dukan diet may be the cousin of the Atkin’s diet for many reasons. First, the menu comprises more proteins than any other component. Like Atkins, there are four phases in the Dukan diet regime. Phase one comprises protein rich foods. The proteins should be completely lean or low in fat. Phase two will require you to add vegetables every other day on top of the proteins you are consuming. Phase three incorporates more fruits and vegetables on top of the protein diet. The last phase helps you maintain this eating regime by allotting one day of every week to eat only pure protein.

The catch:

Your body would still need carbohydrates, especially for maintenance. Eventually the strict, protein-only regimen in the Dukan diet would allow you to get some at the end of the cycle. The oat bran that the Dukan regime recommends as a source of carbohydrate is sold via the company and its suppliers. While there may be other sources of carbohydrates, most users would rather follow the regimen to the letter and keep buying the Dukan Oat Bran.

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