HCG Diet

HCG Diet can now be called the most controversial diet plan of this century, particularly because the claims are so blindingly over-the-top and so many people were fascinated by it. The main principle behind this diet is that the dieter has to consume very little calories every single day. Like most diets, there are recommended food types and even dishes that can be consumed to adhere to the calorie restriction. The HCG diet can be said to be the most stringent among all the diet plans out there when it comes to what the individual can and cannot eat.

This calorie restriction is the main factor that will drive the weight loss. But that’s not the end of it. Simultaneously, the individual must be able to receive supplement injections to help his body cope with the weight loss. Not receiving the required injections can lead to negative results, and the body may go on survival mode.

When the plan is not followed (i.e. when injections are not taken, when the person consumes less calories than recommended), the body tries to compensate for the rapid weight loss by doing several processes. The mind tells the other organs that the person must eat, no matter what. What happens is that the person could either gain back all the weight because he can’t stop eating. Or, he could be losing muscle because there’s nothing to support the rapid drop in body weight. In summary, the HCG diet may put the person in danger of starvation, which could lead to more problems.

It’s not that many people chose to ignore these things. It’s just that the marketing of HCG diet combined with the testimonials of those that have succeeded with their weight loss using the diet plan made everything seem plausible. As soon as this HCG diet became known, research work on the actual effects of this diet, including the supplements that were required, increased. When scientists start taking your diet plan apart and studying it further, you know the plan has become popular among the masses.

But during the month of December, year 2011, the axe fell on the HCG diet supplements, which up until that time were available over the counter. FDA has banned these supplements and those on the HCG diet couldn’t do anything about it.

Of course, whether the diet plan involving HCG supplements worked or didn’t work depends on the person that actually tried it. Many people that claim to have tried the HCG diet said it made them thin. Some didn’t follow through until the end of the recommended duration for various reasons.

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