HCG Diet Dangers

When this diet came about, overweight and obese people latched on like it’s the best diet in the world. The promise is simple. A person can lose a chunk of his weight in less than a month. That’s something other diets can’t promise, and so the popularity of the HCG diet became worldwide. But there are HCG diet dangers that are not always discussed among enthusiasts of this diet. Read on to find out more…

What to expect? Expect rapid weight loss of up to 30 lbs a month. To someone who has been trying unsuccessfully to reduce weight, this is an incredible prospect. Something like this is possible with any other diet plan as long as the individual works out every day. But the HCG diet claims to have worked for other people even without exercise. It’s time to know the truth about HCG.

Many experts raised their eyebrows at the methodology involved in this type of diet and warns the public about HCG diet dangers. The diet plan requires users to take HCG drops or injections of hCG, and consume 500 calories a day. If you have no idea what kind of food would equate to 500 calories, it’s not much. This is like saying you will need to live on several pieces of small fruits, a piece of chunky bread or a boiled potato on a daily basis. It’s not much and you’re sure to go hungry and binge.

But wait! The diet plan claims that you can avoid hunger pangs and accelerate your weight loss by taking injections of HCG or drinking drops of the same homeopathic solution of HCG. You are familiar with HCG because it’s something that has been approved for fertility cases. HCG treatment is traditionally not for weight loss but for helping couples have kids the natural way.

This is the main concern of people that worry about HCG diet dangers. The users are lulled into believing that the HCG treatments will help them cope with the stress of consuming only 500 calories per day. Going hungry and bearing with it because you think you’re doing it for a good cause could affect you psychologically, on top of the potential physical damage this could incur.

Don’t get me wrong. Many people have succeeded with this diet, but mostly because they had the constitution to survive on a 500-calorie diet. Whether or not HCG solutions (which companies have built a business around) could really help with the weight loss, the extremely low calorie diet itself is enough to make a person lose weight.

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