HCG Diet Drops

The HCG diet is one of the riskier diet programs out there. Why is it risky? The user is forced to rethink his daily eating habit so that he does not consume more than 500-800 calories a day. That’s too low, if you think about it, and several thousands of would-be users simply throw in the towel and quit the diet right after they realize just how little a 500-800 cal daily diet gives in terms of energy.

But enthusiasts and proponents of the diet have a solution for those who are worried about sticking to a diet that is extremely low-calorie. Their solution: homeopathic HCG. The HCG used in the solution is the same HCG that is present in pregnant women. The product itself has been approved for fertility treatments, but not for weight loss. When someone says HCG is FDA approved, he is talking about the HCG that is used for fertility therapy.

So what does HCG for weight loss do? Believers claim that HCG, the homeopathic version, can curb hunger pangs, accelerate weight loss and keep energy high during the diet. The HCG will be injected to the individual for maximum effectiveness. The injectable HCG is expensive, which is why the FDA and other concerned entities are watching the manufacturers of HCG solutions for weight loss rather closely.

But not all homeopathic HCG treatments are injectable. HCG Diet Drops have been invented for those who cannot willingly take syringe treatments. Diet drops are taken under the tongue and may be less effective than injectables, if at all.

People who initially think they can’t handle the 500-800 calorie daily regimen are given a lifeline in the form of these HCG treatments. In a way, they think they can accelerate weight loss and be done with the program faster than they would if they went for any ordinary crash diet.

The obvious question is this: in the first place, are injectable HCG treatments effective? They may be a money sink that traps users of the HCG diet into spending all their money on weight loss. This is the main reason why the FDA has been monitoring the use and distribution of HCG, as homeopathic injections or as HCG Diet Drops.

If the HCG injectables or drops were taken away from the equation, the so-called HCG diet should adopt a new name. But for now, many users are saying the treatments work. Still, however, users are cautioned that consistently taking less than a thousand calories every day may be dangerous in the long run.

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