HCG Diet Plan

There is no single hCG diet plan. There are variations that have evolved around the common restriction of the original HCG Diet. No matter what a plan is, it should satisfy the main requirement, which is to consume only around 500-800 calories daily. Any HCG diet plan also stipulates the use of HCG homeopathic solution in drops form or as injectables.

There are, of course, some reasons for these restrictions. Dieters are told to consume only 500 calories per day because of the necessary calorie deficit that should always be present for a person to lose weight. In the past, you may have been eating close to three thousand calories a day, especially if you go to fastfood restaurants regularly. You’re consuming more calories than you burn off through walking, running or simply taking the stairs.

Without a diet plan, you can realistically lose weight by going out of your way to burn off the calories you consume. Some do it by running every morning. Others work out twice a day. But the majority of overweight people don’t have regular exercise in their daily routine. They just keep packing on the pounds until they wake up one day and realize that their lifestyle made them obese.

In a sense, the HCG diet plan appeals to people that don’t have the time to exercise. Also, people who want to lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible will find it difficult to resist the homeopathic HCG diet plan and its claims of rapid weight loss.

What’s the catch? The HCG diet plan looks good on paper, but actually implementing it could spell trouble for a regular person used to eating three meals a day. A diet of 500 or 800 calories is not much to live on. Although there are a lot of suggestions on food types and recipes that can be used, a regular person needs at least 1,300 calories every day to function normally.

A first time user of HCG should expect headaches and dizziness initially. Fatigue and impaired decision making will follow after a few days on this diet if the person does not do something to supplement the needed nutrients. These symptoms are said to be controlled by the injection or oral administration of HCG. HCG supplements are the main money makers of HCG diet companies.

The claim that HCG can accelerate weight loss is the thing that keeps the FDA alert. Studies have been conducted to find out whether HCG can indeed do what it claims to do in the context of weight loss or gain.

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