HCG Diet Protocol

HCG is a human chemical component that is related with getting pregnant. Decades ago, it was theorized that HCG can play a role in weight loss. Right now, a popular diet has been invented around this concept. HCG, as a weight loss drug, is being evaluated by scientists and users all over the world.

What is the HCG Diet Protocol?

There are four stages in the hCG Diet.

Stage 1:

The very first stage is to prepare the individual for the diet. Some people skip this part because they think it’s not important. Those who skip are losing out on the stage that could make or break their success with the HCG diet. The main goal for this stage is to detoxify. A detox cleanse is being sold by diet products manufacturers especially for those preparing for the HCG diet protocol. This is to remove toxins inside the digestive system and giving the body ‘a clean slate’ to start with.

Stage 2:

Stage two is where it all begins. This stage is when the individual will start taking the HCG drops or injections. During the first 3 days of stage 2, the individual will eat a high fat diet while taking the HCG homeopathic solution three times a day as drops. The proper way to take the drops is simple: just hold the drops under the tongue for two minutes to absorb the HCG. The high fat diet is for building up the fat reserves, which will be crucial for the last two stages of the HCG Diet Protocol. The body is also prepared for the HCG effects. The diet of 500 calories per day will begin on the fourth day of this stage. The HCG will still be taken three times every day. There is a different protocol for those that take the 23 day plan and the 43 day plan. Some people go for the 23 day plan because it is shorter, but those that have a lot of weight to shed go for the 43 day plan.

Stage 3:

Stage 3 is all about maintaining the way the body absorbs fat. In this stage, a plateau in weight is necessary. The individual will neither lose or gain weight for three weeks. According to an HCG diet expert, this stage is for training the hypothalomus to register this new weight as ‘normal’. It is during this phase when you can have 1500 calories every day on a diet rich in fats, but low on sugars or starches. Avoid any weight fluctuations. When your weight is stable, slowly add menu items and observe how your body would respond.

Once the weight is stable, and you want to lose more weight, you can go back to stage 2 and take drops again while limiting your body to 500 calories a day. If you already have your ideal weight, you can move on to stage 4.

Stage 4:

Stage 4 is for those that have reached their goals in terms of their ideal weight. This stage is as important as stage one because the individual is preparing to return to normal eating. A person should never return to the way his body assimilates food, and should never return to the eating lifestyle that he had before he started on the HCG diet.

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