HCG Diet

Dr. Simeon is the revolutionary medical doctor that developed the popular HCG Diet. In this diet plan, the user takes minute amounts of HCG as drops or injections to burn the extra fat. With this regimen comes the very stringent 500 Calorie diet daily. So how does HCG Diet make you thin?

From the description above, we can deduce the two important components of the HCG Diet.

The first component is the HCG homeopathic solution that’s either taken orally or intravenously as injections. Yes, injections. And the treatments are not one-time. A user has to take this daily, sometimes several per day. HCG is a familiar drug, especially for those that have kids. HCG is that exact compound that is in the urine of a pregnant woman. It’s the component that gives you a blue strip on the pregnancy testing kit.

The second component of the HCG Diet is the 500-calorie daily intake. This needs little explaining. Those that have dieted rigorously in the past know just how little food you can take in on this kind of diet. Think boiled or baked chicken with no skin, or lean meat cooked without sugar or salt.

What does this pregnancy compound have to do with weight loss? Apparently, when this compound is inside the body, you’re tricking the mind into thinking that you’re pregnant (yes, even males). When your body suddenly stops receiving the amount of calories it normally receives, the HCG makes the mind try to protect the body by looking for more sources of fuel. The body tries to “protect” itself to sustain the pregnancy, even when the person is not pregnant. It’s maternal instinct, and something that many women would understand.

HCG Diet has been called the Survivalist Diet because of this reason. In reality, when a woman is pregnant and suffering from starvation, the mind and body work together to provide for the growing child inside. It’s an instinct of survival. A pregnant woman’s body can get very thin while the child inside is kept safe from harm because of fat reserves being depleted first.

The last phase of the HCG diet has a lot to do with another trick for the body to maintain the weight. A plateau is reached when the person’s target goal is reached. That plateau is maintained by altering the 500 calorie restriction before resuming to normal eating.

What makes the HCG Diet so effective is also the reason why it’s very controversial. Some people say that HCG does nothing for the body, and all that stuff about creating a sense of false pregnancy and survival are not real. But there are still proponents of this diet that are convinced it works. Another source of concern is the 500-calorie restriction. There are detractors of the HCG Diet that claim person can’t realistically keep this up, especially when the starvation instinct comes in.

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