HCG Weight Loss

HCG Weight Loss is legit as a diet, but with several catches, as various experts, users and now the FDA have proven. Before we discuss some dangers associated with HCG Weight Loss, let’s first describe the diet itself and some positive aspects of HCG.

HCG Weight Loss is categorized as a low calorie diet that is supposed to boost metabolism and force the body to use the fat deposits. Done in specific time frames, the HCG diet can “reset” the brain so that the person can maintain a slim-friendly diet even after the HCG Weight Loss plan is over. The weight loss plan is divided into four:

Phase 1 is for preparing the body for the rapid drop of daily calorie intake and the HCG treatments. In this phase, the dieter is required to eat fatty food while taking HCG treatments as drops or injections. When the body is fuelled by the fat intake, it’s all prepared for what’s coming. This step cannot be skipped, but many dieters fail to complete this step because they think it’s useless. Those that have not prepared enough for phase 2 may end up quitting because the extremely low calorie diet may not work for them.

Phase 2 is the diet proper, or the time when the dieter will have to consume food that amounts to 500 calories every day. By properly following the HCG Weight Loss protocol especially during this phase, you could shed 1 to 2 lbs per day.

Phases 3 and 4 are very important because you are training your body to maintain the weight that you have dropped to during phase 2. Your weight during these times should not spike or drop. The important thing is to make the weight regular. You can also start eating normally during these phases.

The Dangers of HCG Weight Loss

The least of what could happen is you overeat because your starving body compels you to. The worst that could happen is your body malfunctions because of the shift in diet, and you develop lasting organ damage because of starvation. One danger of HCG weight loss is that your body may not be able to take the 500 calorie limit. As it has been deemed dangerous to eat less than a thousand calories a day, some people may not be able to function well during the day, especially when they have to drive or do rigorous work. Some people collapse on the job, or anywhere because of severe hunger.

Some still claim that HCG, the solution that dieters buy for a lot of cash, helps in curing the hunger pangs, but this too is doubtful. This is the main reason why the solution itself has been banned even if the diet plan cannot be banned by the FDA.

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