Liquid Diet

The liquid diet has been touted as one of the quickest ways to lose weight without busting it out in the gym. With minimal effort and a good blender, a person could find a way to drink away all the fats in his body. Ads and endorsements from people, including celebrities, may have convinced you to try the liquid diet.

One major reason why you’re considering this may be the detoxifying effect that a liquid-based diet can have on your body. The liquid diet is also known as the cleansing diet, and the lemonade diet is just one of the variations of this type of diet plan. If you want to know more about the liquid diet, how you can use it realistically and how it could work for you, read on…

The claim:

You can lose a pound or two a day without exercising. At the same time, your body will expel most of the toxic material in your bowels while you’re on the liquid diet. Liquid diets will force your body to take in reduced amount of calories. You will be consuming fewer calories than you burn. Done several times a year as a cleansing method for the system, the liquid diet can potentially increase longevity while keeping your body fit and healthy.

The method:

You will have to research all types of liquid diet drinks that can give you most of the nutrients you need to maintain your energy levels during the day. The nutrient content as well as the number of times you should drink changes from product to product. Common sense tells us that replacing the main meals of the day with liquid is the basic method, while the number of glasses we are supposed to drink in between meals depends on the kind of diet you are on.

Some liquid diet plans have a set menu or recipe to follow, like the lemonade diet (master cleanse). Most of the time, the dieter buys the ingredients from a supplier. However, some people decide to do it their own way. A typical liquid diet comprises blended fruits and juices mixed with nutritious elements like honey, cereals like oats and vegetables. Pureed vegetables are drank as iced smoothies or made into soups.

Stopping the diet and returning to normal eating could take a while because adjusting to solid food again after the diet is as difficult as forcing your body to take in all-liquid meals at the onset.

The catch:

While weight loss will be rapid because you will be losing a lot of water weight as well as fats, the weight may come back as soon as you get off the diet. Moreover, your diet could lead to drastic results like loss of energy, headaches and dizziness. Check the calorie count on the diet drink you purchased to find out whether the diet is categorized as very low-calorie. Diets that let you consume only 400-800 calories per day could damage your body irreparably.

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