Paleo Diet Food List

When you join the Paleo bandwagon, which it has become since people started endorsing the paleo diet to their friends and to total strangers, be prepared to be picky when it comes to the meals you consume on a daily basis. A diet consisting of counterparts of ancient wild plants and animals that were present before the onset of the agriculture era seems to be otherworldly, but there are familiar items on a paleo diet food list that are actually available nearby.

The common things in a paleo diet food list comprise:

- fish
- meat from grass-fed animals
- vegetables
- fruit
- roots and rhizomes
- nuts

Under this diet you cannot consume the following:

- grains
- legumes
- dairy products
- salt
- refined sugar
- processed oils

In theory, this kind of diet is extremely doable, but in practice, you may find difficulty when sourcing out the meats you can use for making paleo diet dishes. There are many shrewd restaurant owners that targeted the paleo market and started advertising that their meat comes from grass-fed animals. Seafood is also one of the things you need to consume when you have to break the monotony of eating only meat and vegetables daily.

Preparation is key to making the paleo diet work for you. While you may not be used to grilled vegetables and fruits, you may want to try doing this like the ancients did during the Paleolithic era. Rhizomes and root vegetables also contain a lot of starch, which will make it easier for you to live without wheat bread for the duration of the diet. One of the allowed foods is rhizome, which is a good deal because you can use flavorings like ginger when cooking your meat.

One thing that may have caught your attention is the inclusion of salt in the ‘must not eat’ list. How else can you make the food tasty? Will embarking on the paleo diet plan force you to eat bland food? You’ll be surprised at how much natural saltiness you can get from organic and natural sources. However, many paleo practitioners have used salt sparingly for flavoring purposes when the dish comprises bland tasting tubers and roots. With seafood, the inclusion of salt is not necessary because of the natural saltiness of fish and other seafoods. Salt may also be excused in the paleo diet if it’s for the completion of a baked paleo recipe.

Lean meat when cooked right can be tasty even when you don’t use oil or too much salt. What you can do is to find the best way to cook these food stuff so that you can bring out the best flavor possible. Grilling seems to be the best way, as you don’t have to worry about how to extract the naturally flavorful oils coming out of the meat. The heat of the grill will make any vegetable, fish and meat tasty.

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