Paleo Diet Plan

Paleo diet is popular because the restrictions do not seem to be as great as other diet plans. But further research will get you thinking otherwise. Supporters of this diet plan have argued that many of the items listed in the allowed foodstuff for the paleo diet plan are commodities that people access on a regular basis. In a nutshell, as long as the item is all-natural and free of disease, it can be a good constituent for human consumption. Wild game meats that have neither been processed or mixed with preservatives are many and abundant, especially in places where hunting is still the main sport.

It helps that many of the ingredients nowadays have organic labels on them. Crops and animals grown without artificial fertilizers can be candidates for inclusion in the paleo diet menu. GMOs or genetically modified organisms have been propagating in all markets, due to the efforts of some sectors to eradicate starvation. GMOs are the main things that should be avoided not just by people on the paleo diet, but the whole world in general.

GMOs can be anything from potatoes that have been genetically altered to contain more starch than organically grown potatoes. Starchy GMO potatoes are supposed to satisfy the hunger of a starving person but the excessive content of sugar can make one fat. The same goes for vegetables that have been altered to produce more leaves than normal, and those fruits that are modified on the DNA level to become more succulent. These items are definitely not the same items that ancient humans used, which make them a no-no for anyone using the paleo diet plan to lose weight.

Those who are still not aware of the restrictions of the paleo diet may already have been eating the necessary components, especially since a person does not need a book to tell him that lean meat is better than fatty meat, and that fish that grew in nature probably has better nutritional value than over-processed fish from factories.

But detractors of this diet will often debate that it is difficult to subsist on traditional diets that have been based on or made to be similar to those that people ate during the Paleolithic era. Especially in urban areas, a pre-agricultural diet of wild game and fish may be expensive or non-existent. When this diet came to the attention of many urban dwellers, many practitioners have looked for restaurants selling steak from grass-fed animals. There are several restaurants and high-end eateries that have risen to the challenge and ordered meat from grass-fed animals as well as the usual meat from corn-fed animals.

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