Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleolithic diet is also called the primal diet, which refers to the ancient diet practices that have been adapted to modern times. The dietary regimen is not as strict as other diets, but there are restrictions. In this diet plan, the items on the menu of pre-agricultural people, also known as the hunter-gatherers, are made into sumptuous and nutritious dishes that won’t make people fat.

Unlike other diets where only one person in the family seems to be observing the rules of the diet, the paleo diet recipes allow every member of the family to take part. It is not strange to have kids following the paleo diet rules. In the long run, this kind of diet will help them become more fit adults that won’t be tempted to overeat or binge on unhealthy dishes.

The paleo diet recipes include modern foodstuff that one can find in a local store. The items that need to be considered include cultivated plants and domesticated animal meat with as little preservatives as possible. The fresher the better, as many paleo practitioners would say.

The paleo diet recipes comprise a combination of foods that are traditionally hunted and gathered. These include fishes and meat from grass-fed animals. Some foodstuffs are truly delectable like eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruits and even insects. Meat from grass-fed sources are not that difficult to find, and are worth the hunt. If you can find a supplier, you will have a constant source of omega-3 fats that comes from grass-nourished domestic meats.

Some of the common paleo diet recipes include:

- tasty, fresh salads comprising fresh cut fruits and vegetables
- thinly sliced cuts of lean beef, skewered and grilled kebab-style
- green vegetable puree (okra, spinach, etc.) seasoned with chilies and coconut
- sweet potato or potato pastries sprinkled with cocoa powder,

Paleo diet is best done by choosing the most natural ingredients. For starters, avoid wheat and grains, as well as dairy products. Refined sugar is an absolute no-no in this diet plan. Honey is one of the best substitutes for refined sugar and every family that follows the paleo lifestyle has several jars of this natural sweetener around.

Many paleo diet recipes combine cooked and raw ingredients. Pickling is also one of the best ways to prepare all those raw vegetables and fruits. Typical paleo style dishes include skillet roasted pork with cooked vegetables on the side. Sushi lovers would love this diet, as many recipes for seafood include thin slicing of various fishes and dipping in wheat-free soya sauce.

Many dieticians are paleo supporters, primarily because the foodstuffs in a paleo diet list can satisfy most of the nutritional needs of a common dieter. However, many paleo enthusiasts still consider taking supplements meant for those on this type of diet. Supplements do more because they provide the nutrients that may be lacking in the diet of a paleo eater.

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