Raw Food Diet

If you feel like all the good nutrients in food are being wasted by cooking, then you may be the perfect candidate for the raw food diet plan. Raw food diets have become all the rage recently because so many people claim to have lost weight after they’ve made the switch. Switching to a raw food diet seems easy in theory, but actually doing this on a daily basis has become the main challenge for many weight watchers out there.

The claim:

Eat raw food, including fruits and vegetables, and watch the pounds melt away! Eating uncooked as well as unprocessed organic foods will improve the individual’s capacity to stick to a diet plan. Raw food is filling and will curb cravings better than cooked food. There are more choices for raw food dieters than those on other diet types! Most of the world’s delectable fruits can be eaten raw.

The method:

Eat raw food, or barely cooked food. The individual may combine raw food groups in one dish. Salads are a mainstay in a raw foodie’s table. A raw food menu covers most fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Fish, of course, is one of the main elements of a raw diet, because sashimi and sushi dishes are available regardless of where you are. Meat dishes done in raw-style, like beef carpaccio, is allowed. Raw versions of dairy products are allowed, i.e. raw milk, raw milk cheese, and raw milk yogurt. If you are looking for variety, or if you crave cooked food but you don’t want to cheat on your diet, you can cook food up to 46 degrees celsius (115 degrees F).

The catch:

Adapting to this diet for the long term is a challenge. Vegans would find it easy to adapt to this kind of diet because most of the food they’ve been consuming in the past are raw. But some meat lovers would find the all-veggie or all-fruit diet to be too restricting. Most of the users of this diet prefer the raw omnivorous diet plan, in which they can still eat meat.

The raw food diet has taken flak from nutritionists and microbiologists that criticize some methods of application. There are very good reasons why humans have been cooking food. The primary reason is food safety. Some experts insist that all raw foods in this modern age have been exposed to some sort of contamination, even those that are said to be all-organic. No amount of washing could kill all the microbes on a piece of fruit, according to some experts. Cooking will remove most of the bacteria and germs on food, even if it’s just blanching.

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