Sacred Heart Diet

Let’s say you want to try a diet that would only take seven days to complete. Which one do you go for? One suggestion is the sacred heart diet. The menu plan will cover a week and you can lose weight by the end of that week. You can try the menu plan again 2 days after you’ve done it the first time. There’s no cycle to maintain, and the method is fairly straightforward.

The claim:

Lose weight, around 10-17 pounds, in seven days. By the end of the diet, you will notice that you feel lighter and you have lost weight. The regimen is strict and you cannot cheat. This diet works fast because the principle centers around the calorie deficit. If you can consume less calories than you burn, your body will use the excess fat to draw energy from. You can detoxify your body while losing weight. This diet also serves as a cleanse for those who feel that they have consumed too many impurities due to their poor eating habits in the past.

The method:

- Soup Recipe

1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes
3 plus large green onions
1 large can of beef broth (no fat)
1 pkg. Lipton Soup mix (chicken noodle)
1 bunch of celery
2 cans green beans
2 lbs. Carrots
2 Green Peppers

Boil everything for 10 minutes then simmer until the vegetables are done. Keep this soup refrigerated and reheat some when you feel hungry.

- Liquids to be consumed:

Unsweetened juices
Cranberry juice
Skim milk
Water, water, water

- Diet Proper

Day 1: Eat any fruit except banana. Fruit and soup are the only meal items you can take.
Day 2: Eat vegetables, preferably fresh vegetables. But you can also eat cooked or canned veggies except dry beans, peas or corn. The soup should be consumed along with each vegetable meal. When dinner comes, you must eat a baked potato with butter.
Day 3: The diet for the day comprises soup, fruit and veggies. Stuff yourself and don’t go hungry. No baked potato reward for this day.
Day 4: Eat 3 or more bananas with skim milk. You can take the meals with soup.
Day 5: Consume lean beef and tomatoes today. The amount of lean beef should be around 10 to 20 ounces. You can use canned tomatoes, or 6 fruits.
Day 6: Eat beef and vegetables. The soup should be consumed at least once.
Day 7: Eat brown rice with unsweetened fruit juice. Don’t forget to eat vegetables with the soup as the main dish.

The catch:

The diet regimen is strict and should be followed to the letter.

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