Diets That Work for Women

Diets for WomenWomen nowadays are different from what they were in the past. Most women are working, have an endless list of things to do all day, and have learned to rely on proven systems to get things done. Because of these factors, there are many diet companies that have cashed in on this large consumer market, and many more are following suit. With the multitude of diet plans out there, it’s often confusing to know which work and which ones are simply fleecing women using promises of quick weight loss.

Some of the most avid dieters are celebrities, and these celebrities are often the ones that people look up to when it comes to diet plans. If it worked for a particular actress or model, it could work for regular women, too. But some diet plans are suited for celebrities, with their deep pockets and their squadron of personal trainers, while others are meant for regular women who struggle to make ends meet.

While diet plans differ, there are elements that are common in some of these programs, such as the restrictions imposed on the dieter, and the estimated timeframe of the diet. There are some diets that work for women particularly, and here are some of them.

The Volumetrics Diet

This is a good diet for women looking for a diet plan that won’t force them to starve at any point of the program. Volumetrics is a diet plan that allows a dieter to eat until she’s satiated. The only rule is that the person cannot eat foods that are not on the list. The allowed foods are known to contain fewer calories per g compared to other foods. Allowed foods include fruits, vegetables and nourishing soups. There is no caloric restriction and a dieter can keep eating as long as she sticks to eating only the allowed foods. The best part is that some of the items in the list are dessert foods.

This diet is popular because many women, particularly those that are working, cannot afford to feel faint from hunger during the day. This is perfect for those that have tried starvation diets and couldn’t imagine going through the same kind of suffering again.

Macrobiotic Diet

Also known as the diet that Madonna uses to maintain her gorgeous body, the Macrobiotic diet includes consumption of whole grains, beans and vegetables. Brown barley, oats and buckwheat can also be consumed. Vegetables are a must, and root vegetables often comprise the main satiating component in a Macrobiotic Diet dish. Soybean is obviously the source of protein, as well as some of the beans. Most people find this diet impossible to take, but some women are attracted to this diet because of the ease of execution.

While most of the benefits related with the components of this diet are true, many dieters are wondering if the diet provides enough protein and fat. As this diet is meant to last longer than the usual crash diet programs, many proponents may indeed be running on empty as far as energy goes while under this diet because the meals they are allowed to eat don’t provide enough energy source.

Mediterranean Diet

If you’ve heard of the diet that lets you drink wine and eat a lot of vegetables sautéed in beautiful olive oil, you probably know a little about the Mediterranean diet. This diet lets you eat several times a day, as long as the portions are reasonable and the dishes have specific ingredients that adhere to the rules of the diet program. You can also drink wine in moderation. Many Mediterranean Diet enthusiasts have learned how to cook dishes based on the allowed ingredients, and some dishes don’t look like they’re meant for a person on a diet.

These diets that work for women can also be used by men, especially those that aren’t looking for fad diets to follow, but lasting ones that can maintain health for a long time.

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