Diets to Lose Weight Fast

Many diets to lose weight fast come with a heavy caveat: always ask the nutritionist if your body is able to handle this kind of weight loss. Some complications of quick fat loss can do permanent damage if a person’s constitution is not good in the first place, like when there are some pre-existing conditions or the person is genetically predisposed to developing some ailments. That said, here are some of the quick-acting diets around.

HCG Diet

Many dieting communities stand by this diet to lose weight fast, but there are also some people that question this weight loss strategy. HCG is known as a low calorie diet, in which a person consumes a specific amount of calories per day, usually below 500 calories. The calorie intake is structured in such a way that the person uses his or her fat deposits as a source of energy because the calories ingested are not enough to sustain good metabolism. The HCG diet claims to train the dieter’s body in such a way that the person gets used to the low calorie diet for the long term, even if he or she quits the HCG weight loss program in the future.

Why this works: the calorie deficit is so great that the person loses weight quickly. However, there is a danger of starving in case the body does not burn fat quickly enough to turn into energy. Some proponents of the HCG diet use supplements to boost vitamin intake. Some people see the diet plan as another form of starvation.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet claims to help a person boost his or her metabolism so that ten pounds are burned in a week’s time. The diet is set for a certain duration and during this time, the person is allowed to eat only cabbage soup. Cabbage is known as a fiber-laden vegetable and in theory, this ingredient can be a great dieting tool because it makes a person feel full all the time. Besides the soup, a person is allowed to drink unsweetened beverages like black coffee or tea. Cranberry juice with no sugar added is also allowed. Water is also necessary because the person can expect a change in his or her bowel movement for the duration of the diet.

While this kind of diet will work for some people, especially those that aren’t particularly concerned about a repetitive diet. However, the constant consumption of the same food could be tiring for many people. Some can’t stay on this diet for long because their craving for sweet or salty foods is aggravated by the blandness of the diet.

The Lemonade Diet

Otherwise known as Master Cleanse, this diet is one of the pioneers of the liquid diet fad. During the diet, a person can only consume the lemonade created using a very specific recipe. The recipe for the lemonade is unique because it contains cayenne pepper and genuine maple syrup, which play key roles in the diet of the individual. The maple syrup has just enough calories that can be burned for energy, and its sweetness can help curb cravings. The cayenne pepper has fat-burning properties that will supplement the caloric deficit created with the all-liquid diet. The cleansing part comes with the after effect of the diet. The toxic substances in the gut are excreted during the diet. As a result, the person is able to assimilate nutrients better.

On the downside, a person under this diet can feel exhausted more often because no solid food is taken. The preparation period before and after the diet could also take its toll on the person’s body. Making the drastic change from solid to liquid diet could lead to metabolism changes, and the body reacts in a way that is similar to when a person is starving. Taking solid food immediately after this diet ends can mess up a person’s digestion.

A person can try these diets to lose weight fast but not until a certified nutritionist or doctor gives the go signal. Relying on a diet to do the work for you isn’t enough. You should still do exercises and drink supplements to avoid messing up your body’s natural mechanisms.