Dukan Diet Plan

Not all of the best diets out there originated from the USA. In fact, one of the most effective ones, the Dukan Diet was developed by French doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan. The diet is very close in terms of format and content compared to the Atkins diet, but looking closely at the theories and Dukan diet plan, one can say that it’s a different diet. Notable models and celebrities like Giselle Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez have allegedly been on the diet. It’s not surprising that many of us followed suit.

The concept behind the Dukan diet is simple: eating a lot of protein can help you shed the pounds. Note that this diet is high-protein and not all-protein. A diet that promotes only protein on a regular basis is very dangerous, as many already know. The body needs fat and carbohydrates along with proteins and vitamins to really function well. Imbalance could lead to sickness and even death.

Under a high protein diet scheme, you will have to progressively reduce your carbohydrate intake, which means you have to let go of desserts and sweets. Over time, you will have to learn how to choose your fruits, starchy vegetables and legumes. Choose the high-fiber ones with a large quantity of water. Let go of those that are too starchy or sweet.

A high protein diet like Dukan works because proteins are the dominant components in every meal. This component can make you feel full easily, making you eat less. Also, proteins inside the body take longer to digest, and requires more energy. Therefore, you’re burning calories passively as your body digests the proteins. A combination of the heaviness of a protein diet along with the calorie burning could make you thinner even without exercise. But many Dukan dieters advise that exercise should be an essential component of the regimen.

Here’s an example of a good Dukan diet plan.

For breakfast, you have have a slice of non-fat cottage cheese, a slice of turkey breast and unsweetened tea. You can allow yourself several ounces (around 4-5) of non-fat yoghurt before lunch. Grilled tuna is a usual lunch fare for people on the Dukan diet. You can treat yourself to a cup of coffee with cream for dessert. The afternoon snack can be a combination of oat bran and ham. Cut a slice of ham and make pancakes using the oat bran. Skewer some lean beef strips and grill them for your dinner. Boiling zucchini along with some of the grilled beef can also serve as a hearty soup.