Flat Belly Diet

Among the diet plans out there, the flat belly diet is unique in that the promotional claim is fairly direct. If you follow the plan, you can reduce your waistline and have the flat belly of your dreams in no time. The duration? Thirty two days. The method? Nutrition. They make it sweeter by adding in something that would appeal to most dieters out there: no exercise required.

Before you imagine a life eating certain food types and watching your belly disappear like magic even if you’ve never done a single round of crunches in your life, research what the flat belly diet is all about and how it could banish your love handles.

The basics of the flat belly diet plan are familiar because it reminds you of the traditional Prasouda-type diet, or Mediterranean diet, with few differences. A diet comprising 1,600 calorie a day is not new, but the way to meet this calorie consumption restriction is. The diet plan splits the 1,600 calories into four, requiring you to eat 400-calorie meals at four hour intervals.

Like the Mediterranean diet, you can eat wholesome, unprocessed foods incorporating fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, beans, lean meat and seeds. The difference is that dieters can select their menu for the day from a list of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Snack packs are also a part of this diet, and these things either come in a kit, or delivered by a diet food distributor.

The menu lists come with proper portioning tips and calorie equivalents for each item in the menus. You can have the variation you want, and still eat healthy. It also does not matter if you are a vegetarian, an omnivore or a meat-lover. There are recipes and options meant for each type of eater, including lactose intolerant individuals and those with food allergies.

You will notice that whichever meal combinations you choose, a component with monosaturated fat will always be included. Monosaturated fats come from olives, avocados, nuts, seeds, soya, flax, sunflower oil and dark chocolate. A meal with this element will supposedly keep you satiated until the next meal. You’re not likely to binge while you’re on the plan, because the snacks are filling but won’t make you gain weight.

You should know that there is a jumpstart period for this diet, which is supposed to prepare you for what’s coming. The preparation time lasts for four days, and within this time frame, you will be required to consume only 1,200 to 1400 calories a day. You can’t just take any type of food, either. You will drink 2 liters of special water, and eat spices, herbs, citrus fruits and cucumber. The goal is to remove bloating around your stomach region before you go on the diet proper.