Gerd Diet

Some diet plans are for people that want to lose weight and treat their obesity. Some plans are those that have to avoid many types of food in order to survive. The Gerd diet has a lot of elements to it that can make one think it’s for weight loss. However, this kind of diet is special and created for people that can’t eat the way others can. Gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disease is an uncomfortable, often awkward, disease that involves the reflux of acid from the stomach to the esophagus.

A strict diet is necessary for people with this disease because they need to control the reflux of acid. Certain foods trigger this disease, and it can be chronic if not handled right.

Diet meal suggestions for people with Gerd disease are many, even if the food choices are limited. Some people may be asking what else is left for someone with GERD to consume daily if the usual fare (citrus, creamy dishes, dairy, etc.) are taken out of the daily diet. A healthy diet for people with this condition comprises non-acidic fruits and vegetables, and lean meat sources. Protein sources are limited to the non-fatty cuts of pork and complex carbohydrates.

Because the Gerd diet is generally low in fat, it can benefit anyone wanting to lose weight. Here is a sample meal plan for a Gerd diet:

For breakfast, a cup or bowl of cold or hot cooked cereal is recommended. Skim milk should be used instead of full cream milk. A cup of sweet strawberries may be added for vitamins. Herbal tea is recommended to aid with bowel movement in the morning. For a heavier breakfast, crack open several eggs (2 to 3 eggs) and remove the yellow part. Scramble the egg whites and make an omelette. Eat with a teaspoon of margarine, plus two slices of whole grain bread. A light breakfast for a person with Gerd can comprise a cup of grapes or an apple.

For lunch or mid-morning snack, toss a salad made of greens, but don’t add tomatoes. Skinless chicken breast can be boiled without the skin, and the broth can serve as soup when seasoned with salt and pepper. A non-creamy dressing for the salad can be added. An alternative to chicken breast meat can be 2-3 ounces of turkey meat. Swiss and cheddar cheeses can also be used.

Lettuce leaves are filling especially when consumed with whole wheat bread. An alternative to lettuce is sliced cucumber, which contains very low amounts of acid. Some Gerd diet enthusiasts recommend a few sticks of baby carrots with mild mustard dressing.