Gluten Free Diet

The protein gluten is a component of some grains like wheat, barley and rye. Gluten can also be found in the breeding cross between wheat and rye, more popularly known as triticale. Some people cannot tolerate the presence of gluten in the food they eat. Many of these people are sick with celiac disease. If a person is afflicted with celiac disease, his small intestines become inflamed when gluten is present in his food. Complications due to gluten can be avoided by eating only food that doesn’t have this protein.

Shifting from a gluten-rich diet to a gluten-free one can be difficult. However, what you need to understand is that you are not alone. It may be exasperating to create dishes that only incorporate gluten-free meals, but you will soon realize that a totally gluten-free diet is healthy and can be enjoyable.

Some people in the west find it difficult to switch to a gluten-free diet mainly because wheat is a usual component and is a major source of carbohydrates. But there are bread products and pasta dishes that are totally devoid of gluten. Many more people are not able to tolerate gluten, which prompted the creation of these food types. Products with labels proclaiming the absence of gluten are now available. Specialty grocery stores as well as regular ones sell gluten-free meal components. If you cannot find these, there are celiac support groups online that can point you to the right place to buy.

Gluten Free Diet Plan

Like many diet plans, the gluten free diet requires a person to eat certain foods and avoid others. How do you know which food types are gluten free? You refer to a list.

Here are some of the more popular gluten-free foods that we know:

- Seeds and beans
- Unprocessed nuts
- Eggs
- Fresh lean meats
- Fish and poultry without breading
- Most fruits and vegetables
- Most dairy products
- Alternative grains include buckwheat, corn and cornmeal, flax and rice.
- Potatoes, sorghum and quinoa
- Soya and tapioca

If the list is too long, you can maintain your gluten free diet by always steering clear of the following:

- Barley and barley products including malt vinegar and beer
- Rye and rye products
- Wheat products

There are so many recipes around that incorporate only gluten-free ingredients. In fact, most of the celiac disease patients find it easy to create a gluten-free diet based on the list of foods above. As long as you know which foodstuffs to avoid, you can’t go wrong. In restaurants, you can also tell your server that you cannot eat gluten. Most establishments nowadays understand the special needs of some diets and are happy to adjust their menus to accommodate special cases.