Grapefruit Diet

Who hasn’t eaten a grapefruit or two in his or her life? This fruit is one that belongs to the citrus family, with morphological variations from the common orange. The pulp is filled with water and rich with vitamin C. It’s sour or sweet to the taste, but some varieties could taste bland.

The Grapefruit diet is one of the diet plans that seem to have been around longer than any other diet plan out there. This is a short-term, rapid weight shedding plan that comes by another name, Hollywood diet. No one knows which nutritionist this diet originated from, and most of the dieters on this diet plan learn about how to do it (and what to eat) largely by following advice from friends, or that written in books.

Grapefruit reportedly has components that can trigger rapid fat burning when eaten with meat. The grapefruit is not one of the more famous citrus fruits, but with this diet, more people are reaching for this citrus fruit more readily. The components of the diet based on grapefruit include proteins from lean meat sources, low calorie and low carb foods.

A sample meal plan involves eating two whole eggs, plus two slices of bacon and black coffee along with half a grapefruit for breakfast. For lunch, have a salad and half a grapefruit, plus all the lean meat you can eat. Dinner is much lighter with blanched red or green vegetables or a salad, meat or fish and 1/2 grapefruit. Drink skim milk if you feel hungry after dinner.

Butter and salad dressings are not restricted under the grapefruit diet. You can also fry your meats and vegetables. If you’re using grapefruit juice instead of real grapefruit, it should be unsweetened. At least sixty four ounces of water should be consumed daily.

On the whole, expect to consume around 800-1,000 calories a day with the grapefruit diet. This is considered extreme compared to other diets that involve consumption of at least 1500 calories. But the main attraction to the grapefruit diet is the supposedly potent enzymes in grapefruit that can burn fat quickly.

The grapefruit diet is not recommended as a long term solution to weight loss. Many people that have tried it went back to their old eating habits because there is no way that the diet plan could provide all the nutrients a person needs. There is also very little information on how to ease in and ease out of the grapefruit diet. Dieters that have attained their target weights using the grapefruit diet usually adopt another long-term diet solution to improve their eating habits.