Jon’s Personal Story

Excerpts from Jon Gabriel’s personal weight loss journey.

The Discovery of the “Fat Switch”

I lost 226 pounds without dieting and without surgery.

Maybe you saw my story on Today Tonight or on A Current Affair? Or perhaps you may have heard Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, talk about me on various talk shows in the US like The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight?

Other places you may have seen my story include, The Sunday Morning Times, WHO magazine, Nova Magazine, Holistic Primary Care Magazine or on radio stations: Coast to Coast AM, ABC Radio and the Bill and Kelly show in Burbank, CA.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, I may be able to help you. Here is my story…

Drawing upon my experience as a biochemical researcher at The University of Pennsylvania, I went on a quest for real, tangible, practical answers that would impact my life.

I spent hours every day learning everything I could about biochemistry, nutrition, neurobiology and psychology. I also studied the field of consciousness research, meditation, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, psycho-linguistics, Thought Field Technology, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

I even studied quantum physics.

I became a man on a mission.

I’d escaped death and had found a new appreciation for living. Nothing was going to stop me from achieving my dream.


And guess what? I discovered something amazing. It was a major breakthrough.

I discovered that our bodies have a FAT SWITCH.

It’s part of our genetic programming that we inherited from our ancestors. And when this fat switch is on, there is almost nothing you can do to lose weight and keep it off, at least not in the long term.

But if you can turn this fat switch off then your body WANTS to be thin and weight loss becomes easy and almost automatic.

You simply crave less food, your metabolism speeds up and your body becomes very efficient at burning fat. Your body starts working with you in your weight loss effort and you become a fat burning machine.

    “So I devised a method of losing weight that focuses solely on turning off the fat switch. And that’s how I lost my weight and that’s how everyone else who is following The Gabriel Method is losing weight too.”

Dieting doesn’t work because it turns the fat switch on.

So even though you lose weight in the short term, it makes your body want to GAIN weight. So you become hungrier and you crave fattening foods, your metabolism slows down and your body loses the ability to burn fat well.

I didn’t lose weight quickly at first. I lost it slowly.

About 44 pounds over the first 6 months – that’s not much for someone who weighed over 400 pounds.

But then, something amazing began to happen. Instead of slowing down, I started to lose weight faster…