Juice Diet

A juice diet goes by another name, the juice fast. As the latter name implies, this diet requires a person to drink only juice or liquids for a certain duration. Among the detoxification diets around, this is one that is considered a bit extreme. Fortunately, the juice fast involves a short-term diet comprising only blended raw vegetable and juice from fruits. Water can be taken in the interim, or during the times when the person is not drinking the other liquids. Those that have tried and completed a diet plan comprising juices and liquids only have good things to say about this diet. Besides being able to consume fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and antioxidants in their purest form, you can also rid your bowels of the debris that could be causing various digestive malfunctions.

Many dieters are still wary of this diet because no solid food is eaten. Many people cave in on the third day because the change in lifestyle is too drastic. Some detox diets involve solid food, and can be sustained for the long term. But the juice diet is not meant for long term use. It is supposed to be a diet that can be done while ‘resting’ from other diet plans, or while preparing to try a new diet plan.

Besides the intake of only liquid juices, the other element of this diet ‘fasting’ should be taken seriously. It is advisable that a person does this cleansing method during a break or when he can get off work for a certain duration. Some side effects of consuming only liquids when you’re accustomed to eating solid food include nausea, headaches, fatigue and upset stomach. These side effects are considered a part of the detoxification process so they are expected. However, those that don’t have easy access to a comfort room may find it difficult to keep this up during a normal work week.

The juice diet can potentially eliminate allergens and toxins found in the food you usually consume. Some foods you are not allergic to may still have an inflammatory effect in the tissue level when they get in your bowels. The result of this is slowing of your metabolism because of the extra effort your body has to put in so that these toxins can be dealt with properly and safely. The proponents of the juice diet claim that cleansing via this method is like helping the body work these toxins out of your system.