Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet, like many other diet plans out there, is a restrictive diet. It is also called the ketosis diet because of the process that makes this diet plan work. Once you know what you have to do to induce ketosis for fat loss, you’ll be surprised. In fact, the method used in the ketogenic diet is ironic enough to make anyone curious.

A ketogenic diet menu comprises high fat foods. The menu items comprise regular cut meats, fatty fish parts and fish species rich in fat, cream, nuts and butter. Use coconut oil for sautéing or frying, and drink plenty of coconut juice. The list of ketogenic diet items comprises food items low in carbohydrate, contains a moderate amount of protein and high amount of fat. Obviously, this diet will make you feel like you’re not dieting, but be careful about the major restriction: you cannot eat carb-rich food like starchy potatoes.

What is the main rationale for this diet? It’s simple. Instead of carbohydrates being the main fuel for the body, it’s fat. Fat is a slow burning fuel, which means you can feel full long after you’ve eaten. Fat burned for food will also condition your body to do the same on your reserve fat deposits. No other source of fuel is available, so your body doesn’t really have a choice. If you think about it, a meal based on carbohydrates will become a distant memory fast. It’s likely that you need a snack again a few hours after you’ve had your carbohydrate load for the day. This is best explained by the way insulin works inside the body. It makes you feel hungry, and the more your body produces it from the sugary food you ate, the more intense your apparent cravings become.

The ketogenic diet has attracted the attention of some of the world’s most famous body builders. Many people that have serious metabolic problems, like those with type 2 diabetes also go on a ketogenic diet to remedy their symptoms.

On paper, it’s rather easy to stick to a meal plan that comprises all the sinful food in the world, but the doing is more difficult that you think. Imagine not being able to eat the fries included in your supersized meal, or being forced to remove the buns so that you can eat only the juicy burger patty inside. If you’re a junkfood addict, the going is tougher. Junk food is just carbo-loaded food that has been spiced and flavoured.

A simple ketogenic menu comprises an omelette cooked in coconut oil and mixed with vegetables. Lunch can be a simple mishmash of berries and almonds, plus a smoothie made out of protein powder and coconut milk. Dinner should be relatively heavy, with barbecued or fried ground beef and a vegetable side dish.


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