Laxatives for Weight Loss

Using a laxative is a familiar thing for most people with bowel problems. Many people all over the world use laxatives for what they are intended for. If you have not moved your bowels in a few days, you might need laxatives, but experts would tell you to refrain from using them until after you’ve tried water therapy. Why? Laxatives are the quick fix and could get you hooked into the cycle of reaching for one every time you feel constipated. The laxative route is habit forming, so beware.

How about laxatives for weight loss purposes? When we talk about using laxatives to shed the pounds, we think of the people that have trouble coping with the consequences of their diet. Some diet plans could dehydrate you, which in turn could lead to a tougher time in the bathroom every morning. Some dieters compensate by doing water therapy, or the process of sipping more water (around half a gallon) than normal every single day.

Doctors prescribe laxatives, but you will notice that there is a set duration for usage. This means you cannot use laxatives over an extended period of time. Using laxatives for weight loss should be done with caution because you can irrevocably damage your body’s ability to absorb nutrients normally. Desperate dieters use laxatives because these things make them feel lighter, at times every after meals. But the truth is that the consequences are so overwhelming they regret it later on.

If a laxative is natural, is it safer than chemical ones? Any laxative that is abused or misused can turn out to be a dangerous tool for the body.

There are some diet plans that involve flushing out toxins from the body using natural means before doing anything else. Some call it a quicker cleanse compared to the lemonade diet, but it involves the drinking of salt water. This is the salt water flush that some people are raving about. It’s an orally self-administered enema that lets people flush out the toxins in their large intestines as well as their small intestines. The difficult part is drinking a lot of salty water in one go. For a salt water flush, non-iodized salt is recommended, and non-distilled water should be used. Since drinking actual sea water may not be as safe now that the truths about oil spills and water pollution have surfaced, most people that try this cleanse create their own decoction.


  1. John Cuci says:

    I know that it is very important to keep the liver and kidneys clean in order to keep the body’s metabolism going good. When the body starts getting clogged up – metabolism slows down for everything including fat burning. I do not believe in any diet really, each individual has to make up their own mind that they will change their nutrition intakes each day. Drinking green tea everyday along with your other unhealthy habits is not going to help you lose weight for example. The same goes for some of the other drugs on the martket, probably at least until you get into the ones that are $100 + for a simple bottle. I have to admit they do have some very advanced drugs on the market that will help an individual lose weight.