Low Carb Diet

Some dieters depend on supplements to make themselves thinner. But the majority of dieters and weight loss enthusiasts go for concepts that purportedly work for weight loss. That’s why any program that has a solid basis in physiological theory could become an instant hit. The low carb diet is one of the programs that made its way from obscurity to fame in no time.

Health experts either stand by this diet or are against it. There are various studies devoted to the efficacy of the low carb diet, particularly when it comes to the suggested meal plans.

Low carb diets restrict the intake of carbohydrate, and emphasize the consumption of proteins and fats. Digestible carbohydrates in wheat bread and pasta, for instance, are replaced with high protein or high fat counterparts like meat, poultry and fish. Eggs, dairy products like cheese, as well as nuts and seeds are recommended. Vegetables and fruits are snacks that low carb dieters prefer.

Some of the more famous low carb diets are those that induce ketogenic reactions in the body. An example is the Atkins diet, a low carb diet with a fairly long induction phase. Less restrictive variations of the Atkins diet have evolved since the popularity of the latter proved to be global and far-reaching.

Soon enough, diet specialists and doctors are modifying their advice to accommodate questions and concerns about the low carb diet. Eating high quality protein meals and eating less carbohydrate meals could be one of the main recommendations for any person with obesity symptoms. Some diet plans have evolved out of the same principles as the original Atkins diet, like the Zone diet. While not marketed as low carb, the South Beach Diet has elements suggesting proteins and fats as the main fuel source, and not carbohydrates.

To a normal person, the drastic modification of the diet could involve reducing or eliminating the intake of desserts and potatoes in the daily diet. Rice eaters should also restrict the amount of rice they consume. Low carb diets don’t limit the consumption of fat and protein, which will serve as the body’s substitute for carbohydrates.

Before embarking on a low-carbohydrate diet, you should know that the description or explanation of the term varies depending on who you ask. Many medical practitioners warn against forsaking carbohydrate sources altogether. Some dieticians give advice based on the resources of, and availability of food supplies to, the dieter. Many more diet supply companies are cropping up to sustain the population of Atkins and post-Atkins dieters.


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