Low Residue Diet

Is your stomach sensitive? If you find yourself expending waste even when your intention is only to urinate, you may be suffering from a disorder that affects your lower bowel regions. You pass stool often, interfering with normal activities and not being able to enjoy yourself in parties. Worse, you may feel dehydrated most of the time being in a perpetual state of diarrhea. People with sensitive bowels may not be candidates for traditional weight loss treatments. Why? First of all, many diet plans involve foods and substances that encourage bowel movement. Secondly, some diet plans require you to eat food that may aggravate your condition.

Fortunately, a specific diet is recommended for people with the disorder described above. A low residue diet can help reduce the bowel movement frequency as well as the volume of stool. The objective is to eat food that can prolong the passage of food in the small intestines.

What does this diet entail? You need to let go of food that encourage bowel activity, like dairy products and prune juice. Fiber-rich foods like citrus and other vegetables are not recommended, which means you may need to consume supplements in order to get your daily supply of ascorbic acid, calcium and folate.

Create a diet around the allowed foods, including white rice, tender meat and broth. Refrain from eating raw foods like seafood. Stay off the diet plans that require you to eat uncooked meat or vegetables (raw food diet). Insist on eating well-done steaks. There are very few items in the low residue diet food list that you can’t afford. Butter, mayonnaise, margarine and gravy are allowed as long as you only use these as dips and not smother your dishes with them. Sauteeing your vegetables in olive oil is recommended.

Be very careful when preparing your fresh fruits. Remove all peel completely, and clean the core so that no seeds remain. This is probably one of the few diet plans that will prohibit you from eating whole grain breads. Any food rich in fiber can encourage bowel movement, which is the last thing you need if you’re passing stool every hour.

It goes without saying that overly flavourful foods like chocolate are a no-no. If possible, do not add spices to your dishes, or make sure you eat the portion with no spices when you’re eating with your family. Spicy food can change your stomach’s acidity levels drastically, leading to loose bowel movement and more stress in your colon.