Master Cleanse Diet

To many dieters, the prospect of drinking only one particular lemonade concoction for several days could seem daunting. But so many people are standing by the master cleanse diet as the best self-detox plan out there. In fact, dieters often cite a celebrity that has allegedly used the Master Cleanse to lose weight, Beyonce Knowles.

The main part of the diet is making and drinking the lemonade. Fresh lemon juice is squeezed into pure water along with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The recipe for this drink is essential, but some diet food companies send you the kit with enough lemonade mix to last you the whole time.

At least six glasses of this lemonade should be consumed daily. The maximum number of glasses you can drink is twelve. When do you know you need to drink again? Your stomach will tell you. Besides being the main nutrient provider for your body, this drink is your main defense against hunger pangs.

One thing you will notice is that your bowel movement will change. You will need to take a laxative once a day. An alternative method is to do the salt water flush, which works quite well, if you don’t want to take a laxative.

The main challenge of the master cleanse diet is overcoming the need to eat solid food every day. Habits can be scary because they tend to make you do things at certain times of the day. If it has become a habit for you to eat a sandwich or a boxed lunch every twelve o’clock noon, you will find it difficult initially to drink a glass of lemonade instead.

It may help you go through the cleanse for the long term if you go by the recommended stages. The first stage in the master cleanse is the ease-in phase. This pre-diet regimen is important because you can prepare mentally and physically for the time when you will be consuming only liquids for several days. Those that begin with the Lemonade Diet immediately without the ease-in phase may quit the diet half way through because they have not prepared enough for it.

Master cleanse comes in a kit where you will find all the things you need to start. You will also be given a guide that will take you through the basics of using the lemonade diet. After this phase, easing out is the next order of business. The ease-out phase is important because you need to get your body ready to take solid food again.