No Carb Diet

Wondering how life as a carnivore can be? There is a diet plan for you if you want to lose weight but can’t tolerate a diet made mostly of vegetables and fruits. More people are on the no carb diet than you think. For some reason, these meat-lovers cannot tolerate the texture and the taste of any vegetable. In the past, a diet made solely of proteins was not possible. But with the many diet supplements around in these modern times, it’s possible to contain yourself to one diet and take the rest of your nutritional needs as pills and capsules.

Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of this diet.

If you’ve been dieting or fad dieting for a long time, you’re probably familiar with diet plans that emphasize fat as the main source of energy, not carbohydrates. You probably know about Atkins, which is the most famous low-carb diet to date. The principle behind these diets is to exclude the dietary consumption of most carbohydrates. This way, your body goes on ketogenic mode, which simply means it re-programs itself to use fat to produce energy since carbohydrates are not available inside your body. When your body reaches a state of ketosis, which is a process that converts dietary fat into ketones, your entire body derives energy from the fat you have stored and the fats you consume. The theory of gluconeogenesis also corroborates this principle because glycerol is converted from the breakdown of fat.

In a nutshell, being on a no carb diet means avoiding all foods high in carbohydrates, such as bran, cereal, bread, potatoes and pasta. You will also need to avoid pizza, cottage cheese and rice. Like the no white diet, you forego eating most food items that contain white substances like flour and sugar. One of the exceptions is the consumption of milk. Milk is protein rich, and can therefore be taken as food for those on a no carb diet.

One of the main disadvantages of being on this diet is you need to do a diet overhaul. Not only do you need to change your food habits, you should also change your exercise regimen. Because of the abundance of amino acids in your system, you cannot help but build muscle. Those that don’t exercise are more prone to the diseases that comes with being on a no-carb diet.

Side effects of this diet include fatigue and lower energy levels, especially at the onset. Supplements containing strictly regulated amounts of dietary carbohydrates can be taken, along with vitamin supplements for improved immunity. New research has shown that fat cannot function as well as carbs when it comes to energy production, especially for people with high activity levels.