Paleo Diet Recipes

Many modern paleo eaters are those that have been raised in this kind of diet. This means they’ve been living on caveman diet fare since childhood. However, many of us start late, like those that are switching from one diet to another to find one that will help them lose weight and maintain their ideal weight for the long term.

Personally, I think Paleo diet is one of the safer diets to go for. The variation in terms of food you can eat is remarkable. You can also remove all the bad elements that could greatly damage your body, like too much salt, processed food and creamy dairy. However, you will have to accept and live with ‘bland’ food if you’re going the Paleo way. When I say bland, it doesn’t mean the food is tasteless, it just means the dishes you will cook taste different compared to what you used to have.

The good news is that there are many Paleo diet recipes to choose from and you don’t always have to eat bland food. Also, you can add a moderate amount of salt to enhance the natural flavour of your dishes. Sea salt is best for Paleo dishes, and it does taste better than the iodized, commercialized version.

A paleo dish that I love cooking is the crock pot beef with vegetables. Pan-fry the cubes of grass-fed beef on a skillet at medium-high. Add sea salt and pepper while browning the beef. Use a small amount of animal lard if you’re not using a non-stick skillet. Bring out the crock pot and place the browned beef cubes along with vegetables inside. The vegetables can comprise sweet potatoes, garlic, onions and tomatoes. Add fruits at the end of the cooking time for a sweeter dish.

Dessert in the Paleo diet plan comprises fruits or nuts blended together to make a smoothie. A favourite of mine is the coconut milk avocado smoothie. Get half a cup of coconut milk and blend it with a cup of avocado cubes, ice cold water and crushed ice.

One of the things I like about the Paleo diet is that you can use a small amount of animal fat to flavour the dish. For instance, heating a strip of bacon before sautéing the vegetables can add a tremendous amount of flavour into the dish. Olive oil and macadamia oil can also be used. The oil rendered should be enough to cover the onions, dills, and red bell pepper that you sautee to make a good appetizer. Or, you can turn it into a soup by adding water.