Paleolithic Diet

For a dieter researching the Paleolithic diet, the food choices may seem restrictive. However, this diet can be the easiest to live with, especially if your family has a problem with weight gain. Take it from the families that have gone from unhealthy eating to consuming paleo meals daily. It is a lifestyle change that is worth doing. You get thin quickly, and you can enjoy the best food that nature has to offer.

Let me properly introduce you to the diet based on the nutritional fare of earlier humans. Paleolithic diet is an homage to our ancestors, and most people on this diet know why the ones that came before us seemed to be more healthy and free of disease than the modern man.

Paleo food can be simple or complicated. You can decide to keep it simple and eat steamed vegetables along with your oven baked meat. You can also do a conventional crock pot dish and add all the ingredients you want. Here are some great Paleo recipes you can try.

Let’s start with the easiest. Fish. Why? It is one of the best sources for selenium and omega-3 fat, which are necessities for various body functions. Also, you can get all the vitamin A you need by eating fish daily.

Fish can be very effortless to grill, especially if you go for the abundant ones, like salmon and tuna. The trick is to cook the fish just right by keeping the flame moderate to high and quickly grilling the fish on both sides. An inch thick filleted tuna or salmon can be cooked in less than ten minutes, if your grill is hot enough. Fillers can be grilled vegetables like bell pepper and celeries.

Strong tasting salmon and tuna can fill you up when combined with bland vegetables. The natural saltiness in the fish can make up for the lack of salt in the dish. Marinade with lemon juice and garlic for extra flavour.

Meat dishes can be chicken (skinless) and venison. These go well with naturally sweet cherry tomatoes in the form of a salsa. Salsa cleanses the pallet and makes you feel full more quickly. You will not want seconds after eating a good salad made with tomatoes. Baked versions of the traditionally grilled meat can be great for variation of the taste.

Here’s a quick way to make your Paleo meal shine: add a first course. Soups and raw fish can take the place of fried dishes as appetizers. Some people prefer a smoothie made of Paleo ingredients like lemons or apples. There are some diet food distribution companies that can send more Paleo-friendly food if you don’t feel like shopping on your own.