Protein Diet

A protein diet for weight loss is ideal for those that want to lose the pounds as quickly as possible. A popular protein diet that’s also low carb is Atkins. Every dieter out there knows about this particular diet. But those that don’t follow Atkins have ways to create their own protein diet plan. They simply use common nutrition sense and exercise regularly.

On paper, this seems to be the most helpful way to shed the pounds, compared to other diet plans that offer other theories. But you should not just follow blindly because everyone you know seems to be on it. Here are some of the crucial information you should know about the high protein, low carb diet that could give you the body of your dreams.

The protein diet has a scientific basis, which is mostly related with the way the body builds muscle and burns fuel. Protein can also be a source of energy, even if the main sources of fuel for the body are carbohydrates and fats. Protein is also the main source of amino acids, which do a lot for your body building and weight loss.

When people say they want to lose weight, they’re actually saying they want to lose the excess fat they’re lugging around. How to do this is the problem of every dieter. After all, even while you’re losing weight, you have to constantly monitor your food intake so that you’re not just putting back on what you lose daily. The idea is to create a calorie deficit, which simply means you will burn calories more often than you consume them. In relation to the protein diet, you can take high protein foods that won’t contribute to calorie consumption. You feel full, you don’t feel like eating a lot, and you don’t gain too much calories. Plus, if you exercise, you’re losing more calories than you consume.

The protein diet is never boring. There are so many high protein foods that you can use for every day dishes. For instance, let’s start with the most accessible. Chicken and turkey meat, especially the breast part, can be great for dieting. Remove the skin and broil or grill the breast part to make your lunch and dinner. Beef, pork and veal are good alternatives.

Another high protein food you can consume on a regular basis is fish. The meaty fishes are best for this purpose, and many dieters thrive on eating tuna and salmon. Breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day can comprise eggs and egg whites. Crack one whole egg and use the whites of four other eggs to make a satisfying omelette.

For snacks, boil some beans or pop some nuts while drinking milk or your protein-based weight loss supplements. Speaking of protein supplements, many health buffs recommend drinking your protein instead of eating it. You can drink a protein shake or munch on a protein bar instead of having a proper lunch made up of fast food items. If you want to experiment with cooking, you can try to combine tofu with another choice protein. Tofu is an ideal health food because you can flavour it any way you want.