Quick Weight Loss

When talking about quick weight loss, the first thing that you think about is which meal items to cut from your overall diet. But you also need to think about the food items you will add to your diet to make losing weight easier than you think. Many weight loss programs discuss methods on eating less and replacing food, while there are others that emphasize addition of healthy food into your diet. You can’t just eat anything now that you want to shed the pounds quickly.

The trick to quick weight loss is to eat just enough to give you the nutrients you need to last throughout the day. But there’s the problem of dealing with hunger pangs. No diet plan is perfect, and this is one of the main weight loss truths you should know by now. You can add several items to your diet that can give you the nutrients you need as well as help you steer clear of terrible hunger pangs that could make you binge on sweets on a bad day.

Here are a few foodstuffs that can help your diet.

1. Bran

Fiber is the main component of oatmeal and oat bran, When you consume just a cup, the oatmeal expands to more than twenty times its initial volume. This means you can feel full for a longer duration. This can decrease your appetite for desserts and sweets. Moreover, this is a good source of good carbs, which can make you improve your energy levels. Any weight loss program can be improved with the addition of oatmeal.

For best results, eat a cup of oats around two hours before your exercises. If you can, avoid the variety of oatmeal that they use in instant packets. Ready to drink or eat oatmeal contains plenty of sugar and other additives. If something is too processed, the fiber content is lower.

2. Raw Fruits

Research shows that your body could burn 15% more calories if you incorporate raw fruits and veggies into your meal. Raw ingredients still contain all of their nutrients, which means your body could get what it requires. You can also boost your immunity because fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C. Some of the best fruits to consume raw are lemons, oranges and pineapple.

3. Apples

Apples are versatile because they can be your main fiber source or your main dessert choice when on a diet. Apple contains a high amount of pectin, a compound that can help your body reject fat and force it to use the stored fat. Pectin can also act as a very good appetite suppressant. Snacking on apples can help you lose weight faster.