Special K Diet

When I first heard about the Special K diet, I wondered what the “K” stands for. Instantly curious, I thought of the diet plans I’ve encountered in the past and guessed that the “K” must be related with the ketogenic diet or something. Minutes into my research, however, I found out that this diet was created by the Kellogg’s breakfast cereal company, the popular brand’s pitch into the weight loss market. Just like all the Kellogg’s products, you can get a package of the diet food in your local store, although some stores don’t carry this merchandise. Unlike the regular products, however, there are set restrictions and instructions to follow.

What do you have to do to make this diet work for you? For weight loss purposes, eat 45g of Special K every day in the morning along with half a cup of low fat milk. If you’ve been eating cereals for breakfast daily in the past, no major adjustment is needed on your part. But here’s the catch, you should eat the same for lunch or dinner during the next two weeks. In essence, you can eat your regular meal once a day and your Special K food twice a day.

Kellogg’s have cited various scientific studies supporting this diet. Results showed that 3 of 4 individuals lost weight in inches around the waist over a two-week duration on the diet. Unlike some other diets, the weight loss was not due to water loss but fat loss. The calorie count for this diet should not be greater than 2,000 calories per day. In fact, the dieters that participated in the research consumed approximately 1590 calories per day. Expect to drop the pounds quickly as you reduce your normal calorie consumption by 27% and your fat consumption by 50%.

But beware that you cannot do this diet for the long term. If you want to do it again, you can, but make sure that you don’t go more than two weeks on this diet every time.

Some people claim to have done the diet but didn’t see any change in their weight. There’s a factor that is not often mentioned in the diet plan, and this is a crucial one. Out of three meals in a day, you’re devoting two to the Special K diet, but what about the third one? All your weight loss efforts will be derailed if you allow yourself to binge on the third meal. Even if you’re eating only Kellogg’s for lunch and breakfast, your dinner should still be made of low fat, nutritious dishes. You can also take snacks, particularly fruit, low fat yogurt or a Special K diet bar.