The Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is purportedly the main diet choice of European models. This diet plan originated in France, and it has become as popular as Atkins all over the world. It’s time to understand what this diet is, and how it can back up its claim as one of the best ways to shed the pounds.

Like Atkins, this diet promotes the use of proteins as the main energy source of the body. The creator of this diet claims that avoid carbohydrate-rich food and fats can be the key to long term weight loss. This diet plan has become so popular that there are many celebrity success stories that refer to a diet made up of proteins, such as the Dukan diet. Proteins from lean meat and fish are also great for body building. You can exercise to hasten your weight loss, and you will speed up your metabolism in the process.

Here are the benefits of the Dukan Diet. The results are fast enough, considering the dieter has to go through several phases of the diet. There is also no need to do any calorie counting, which has become very complicated for some people, especially those that care more about the results than the math of losing weight.

Why can some people adapt easily to this diet while others tend to go back to their old eating habits? Not all people can get thin using the Dukan method. They find it restrictive to eat only proteins most of the time and avoid grains, legumes, fruits and nuts. Also, using carbohydrate as the main body fuel for a long time can lead to your body’s difficulty in adjusting to a protein menu. If you don’t hydrate enough, you may also experience constipation, headaches and bad breath when you’re on the Dukan diet. Finally, there is also the issue of being severely limited in choices of food.

Can vegetarians use the protein diet to shed pounds? While it can be harder to find vegetable sources of protein, it is not impossible to do so. Tofu is one of the best sources of protein that does not come from animal sources. Interestingly, tofu can be made to look and taste like meat, especially if you follow diet recipes.

The phases of the diet are geared towards helping you adjust into the diet, and then help you maintain your current weight even after you’re done with the Dukan diet plan. The high protein meals will be for the Attack phase of the Dukan diet. This is for rapid weight loss. The subsequent phases are less strict and you can eat a healthy amount of fiber in the form of vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. However, you still cannot eat starchy roots and other carbo-loaded food.