Water and Weight Loss

Water and weight loss have always been connected, but why? Water makes a lot of waves in the weight loss community, and every guru out there tells you to drink water like it’s going out of style especially when you’re trying to shed the pounds. Here are the reasons why you should drink a lot of water daily to lose weight.

Water Can Make You Feel Less Hungry

There are so many anti-hunger pills out there meant for dieters, but the truth is that a natural appetite suppressant exists in your own kitchen. The body can hardly differentiate between hunger and thirst, especially during the in-between times when you usually eat your afternoon snack. If you ate your fill of breakfast and ate a little less during lunch, you may feel a bit hungrier in the afternoons before dinner. You can stave off the hunger pangs and wait for dinner to come by drinking water.

Drinking enough water during the day can make you eat less, or rather eat just the right amount of food. You are also cleansing your system and replenishing what you lose via sweat. Watery foods like vegetables and soups can also make you feel fuller and make you eat less.

Exercise Boost

Staying well-hydrated during the day can make it easier for you to exercise. Think of the main reasons why you quit jogging after a few minutes. You may have been feeling thirsty or more tired than usual because your body is not hydrated enough. The point is, you can exercise longer and harder if your body has enough water to sweat out. Water is an exercise aid, and you can easily boost your rate of metabolism and feel better during your workout by keeping a canteen of water within your reach.

Dehydration is a scary thing. You can look older just by not drinking your fill of nature’s best gift to you. Parched lips are not sexy at all, especially if you look gaunt and tired most of the time. There are some people that think water weight is a big deal so they refrain from drinking lots of it while dieting, but not drinking enough can be dangerous especially when you’re fasting.

Drinking water is recommended especially for those on cleansing diets. Water-based fasts or cleansing diets can dry you up quickly. If you have watery stool and you’re not replenishing enough, you can lose more water than you need to keep your body working properly.


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