Diets for Men

Diets for MenThere are so many obese men in the country and the rest of the world, and the numbers are growing at an alarming rate each year. This is why there are many diet programs nowadays meant specifically for males that want to shed the pounds. The challenge for men is to find a diet that allows them to maintain their health while losing weight. Nutritious eating is the priority, and weight loss will follow. The body type of the man, as well as the lifestyle factors that affect the rate of weight loss, should be considered when planning the diet.

Diets for men are not that much different from diets meant for women. The same components of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients should be present. On average, many experts believe that a 1,500-calorie diet is ideal for most body types, especially among those men that exercise regularly. Variation in caloric intake is allowed, depending on the weight loss goals of the person, as well as the physical constitution. The important thing is that the person receives adequate amounts of nutrients through the food he eats within the specified caloric limit.

If you’re thinking of dieting soon, and you’re not using a set plan out there, here are some tips.

Typically, active men that exercise in the morning can consume five slices of bread or a cup of cereal with skim milk in the morning. Meat and vegetables in reasonable portions can be included. Fruit slices should also be a part of the diet. Diuretics like coffee may be taken in moderation.

Eating bland food is the norm for men that want to avoid overeating. Salty foods and sweet foods make a person eat more. Men also sweat a lot and burn energy at a faster rate during the day, which often contributes to the cravings. Sodium content in the body may be replenished using electrolyte drinks. Sugar content in food and drink should be kept to a minimum. Drinking plenty of water during the day will fix most of the cravings for sweets and salty food.

Portion your dishes properly. Having several tools in the kitchen that will help with portioning is recommended. Men that want to diet should use measuring cups to dish out their meal. A cup of oatmeal can be reduced if there is a reliable way to measure out the portions. Smaller slices of bread on the plate will also give the sense that a dieter is eating more. Small portions encourage dieters to eat less.

There are some diet plans that appeal to men because of the requirements and the restrictions. Following a diet program that has been proven to work is easier than doing all the work yourself. Here are some examples of diets for men.

Keto Diet

Body builders build muscles and look bulky by eliminating the fats quickly. The keto diet is meant for active individuals that want to bulk up. By maintaining low glycogen content in the blood, the body uses its fat reserves as sources of energy when carbohydrates are not available for energy production. This means a person should consume proteins more and keep carbohydrate foods at bay. The objective is to maintain a state of constant ketosis in the body using fat as the main source of energy.

Paleo Diet

The caveman diet comprises unprocessed foodstuffs. This means dairy products and cereals are banned from the diet along with genetically modified vegetables. This diet forces a person to choose his food well, whether he is buying his ingredients in the farmers’ markets or in the grocery.

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