Diets For Women

Diets for WomenIt’s difficult to generalize which diet plans are great for men and which ones work best for women, but because of the popularity of some diet programs among the female population, some patterns can be observed. There are diet plans that are geared more towards the lifestyle of women than men. There are hundreds of diet programs out there, but there are some that appeal to women in particular. Here are some of them.

The diet program that gets the most response from women is probably the Weight Watchers program. This company is created for people that want to lose weight at their own pace, in accordance with the recommendations of their nutritionist and doctor. The program has a unique point-system that many dieters under the program abide by religiously. The plan revolves around points, which means that a dieter gains points for eating right, and loses points for eating restricted food, like those foods that aren’t a part of the diet plan. This program is not exclusive for women, but the strategy for losing weight, as well as the community that Weight Watchers has built around its loyal client base, is definitely female-friendly. Under the program, the dieters are invited to attend sessions where they can exchange weight-loss tips, air out worries about not losing weight quickly enough and share their new diet recipes with other members of the community. Women that tend to binge on sweets when hormonal surges come or when they feel emotional are likely to appreciate the support.

The DASH diet or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension helps many women and men control their high blood pressure and sugar intake. Because diabetes and heart disease are particularly alarming diseases to deal with, many women like the terms of the DASH diet. The diet plan is simple enough, just avoid high-calorie foods. Another thing to consider is the amount of salt to take. A person on the DASH diet can only take up to 1,500 mg of salt every day.

The order-to-eat-healthy systems are usually great as diet plans for women, especially those that want to eat healthy even if they tend to cook comfort food for their family every day. Some examples are Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. Nutrisystem is also a popular diet plan for women because it involves dessert items that the dieters are allowed to eat. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t restrict a dieter when it comes to pastries. Some pastries are included in the pre-packed meals.

Jenny Craig has a similar system, in which food is delivered to the dieter’s home. Jenny Craig meals are usually portioned so that the dieter does not overeat, and the items in the meals have been specifically included to aid weight loss. Pre-packed diet foods are great, but a dieter still needs to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and protein sources from the grocery, which could be hard on the self-control if the dieter is exposed to foods that aren’t included in his or her list.

Another diet plan that is geared towards women is the cleansing diet program, wherein a certain type of food, usually liquid, is eaten several times a day to detoxify the system. The disadvantage of this is that the dieter will soon get tired of the diet and binge on comfort food because of the stress.

Women that have tried the above-mentioned diet plans soon shift to the Mediterranean Diet, which is one of the most popular strategies for maintaining a person’s ideal weight. Among the diet plans for women, this one is all about long-term maintenance. The items in the meals under the rules of the Mediterranean diet may lessen the probability of contracting breast cancer after menopause and heart diseases.

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