Diets That Work Fast

Some people define rapid weight loss as the ability to fit into a narrow outfit, a few sizes smaller than the usual. Others are content with losing a few pounds a week, consistently, without gaining weight. If you have a target weight in mind and you want to achieve it as soon as possible, here are some suggestions.

Semi-solid Food Diet

The Baby Food diet is the most popular semi-solid food-based plan for men and women eager to lose weight. With all the Hollywood celebrities allegedly on this diet, the masses have followed suit. Some think that there are special foods for this kind of diet, meant for adult and in bigger containers. But proponents of this diet are said to consume the actual food that’s sold in stores for babies’ consumption. The small bottles represent lunch for many dieters, under the presumption that if it’s good enough for babies, it may be great as a nutrient boost for adults without the additional calories. Plus, the small jars ensure that the dieter does not have to worry about portioning.

Eating semi-solid food takes a lot of getting used to, and most people feel the difference as soon as they start the diet. The texture is too different, and baby food is not filling unless you eat a lot of it, which could defeat the purpose of starting the diet in the first place.

Liquid-Only Diet

When it comes to diets that work fast, there’s nothing that makes a person lose weight faster than the liquid diet. Otherwise known as ‘cleansing’ or ‘detox’, this kind of diet is reportedly the secret of anyone that wants to drop the pounds in a month or so. Basically, you’re not going to be eating anything solid, which has its drawbacks when you’ve never been on such a diet in the past. The first negative effect is bowel movement problems. Your system isn’t digesting anything solid so you’ll have to visit the bathroom more often than you’re used to. You also won’t be able to maintain this diet for the long term without inducing permanent damage on your system. Preparation before and after the diet is key to making this work, especially for those that are active and those that need the energy from solid food to keep going daily.

On the plus side, a liquid diet will give you the nutrients you need to keep your body going for the duration of the diet. Depending on the program you’re in and on the supplemental vitamins you’re taking, this diet could potentially jump start your weight loss and lower your food intake even after you’re done with this plan.

Low-Carb Diets

Many dieters claim that they were able to lose weight quickly when they eliminated most of the unhealthy carbohydrates from their diet, including bowls of rice and noodles, as well as cakes and refined sugar. For the most part, keeping the bare minimum carb intake can help the body cope with everyday chores, but expect to still feel tired the rest of the day while your system adjusts to the low amount of carbohydrates you are taking in. You also have to make up for the lack of energy source by consuming proteins and fibers. Some low carb diets come with supplements that can offset the nutritional imbalance.

Rather than focus on speed, you should focus on your long term health. There are diet programs that work fast and will keep the weight off for you.